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Microsoft’s new Surface Book and 13″ Retina MacBook Pro: two faces of the same medal


Something that Apple does great is designing software and hardware to work together. It’s a well known fact that finds proof every now and then like in the iPhone 6s that, although it has less powerful hardware on paper compared to other recent smartphone, it delivers much sleeker performance.

The MacBook Pro lineup received a dramatic update back in 2012 with the 15″ Retina MacBook Pro: soon after the 13″ model was fitted with a Retina display, becoming one of the most notorious Macs around. Notebooks of the same class actually had to compete with a formidable opponent. These notebooks had the disadvantage of running all the same OS and none of them was truly optimized like the MacBook.

Credits due where they’re due, Microsoft made quite an impressive job in releasing their first ever notebook that ships with their newest operative system Windows 10, and it seems to give a run for the money to the 13″ MacBook Pro. Read More…

Windows 10 will be gradually rolling out on July 29th

Myerson Terry Windows 10

Windows 10 is scheduled to become available worldwide on July 29th, however as Terry Myerson – Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems – pointed out in the Official Windows Blog, it will be rolled out gradually to satisfy the one billion request of upgrades since kicking off reservations in early June. In order to avoid excessive demands and causing slowdowns, on 29th will be shipped the first copies of Windows 10, giving a higher priority to those who are currently running the Preview and helped the shape the new OS.

Additionally, Microsoft has specified that automatic updates will be prevented on computers that seem to have several driver and/or program incompatibility issues, unlocking the free upgrade once these issues would have been resolved.

At last, we remind you that Windows 10 will be a free update to those who are currently running a genuine copy of Windows 7 or newer.

In Italiano

Windows 10 sarà disponibile a partire dal 29 Luglio, anche se Terry Myerson – VP Esecutivo di Microsoft per i Sistemi Operativi – ha specificato nel Blog Ufficiale di Windows che sarà un rilascio graduale per soddisfare il miliardo di richieste ricevute da quando hanno aperto le prenotazioni a inizio Giugno. Per evitare un eccessivo carico di richieste e causare disagi, il 29 di questo mese saranno disponibili al download le prime copie di Windows 10 a partire dagli utenti in possesso della Preview che hanno contribuito a dar forma al nuovo OS.

In aggiunta, Microsoft ha specificato che gli aggiornamenti automatici saranno bloccati sui computer che hanno riscontrato gravi problemi d’incompatibilità di driver e/o programmi, permettendo l’upgrade gratuito quando saranno stati risolti.

In chiusura, vi ricordiamo che Windows 10 sarà un aggiornamento gratuito per tutti coloro in possesso di una copia autentica di Windows 7 o superiore.

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