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How to create a highlight reel of your best tweets with no effort using Vizify

VizifyYour Twitter timeline is so populated of tweets made in the past years that creates just a massive, plain archive. What if you can create a short and beautiful video of the best your profile has to offer? You can make that in the old way taking ages finding the best content or using Vizify which has recently partnered with Twitter for creating immediate clips about trending topics on your profile, best followers and so.

To start just head over https://www.vizify.com/twitter-video, authorize the app to access your data. Then wait a few second for a first video to be created. After that you can simply change background music, clips and even add or remove something that you don’t actually want to show off publicly. Read More…

YouTube celebrates VCR’s anniversary in style with video effects

The old VCR recording is now only a vintage thing since everything is digital now; deinterlaced but even more in HD. Want to jump back? There is Instagram for it. The biggest video sharing website, also known as YouTube, celebrates the 57th anniversary of the recording method which was a breakthrough forty years ago. In many videos, YouTube now adds effect to the playback adding white horizontal stripes, low quality video and noise.

The VCR, or N1500, was first invented by Philips, and commercialized in 1972. Available in three formats, 30-45-60 minutes, the Video Cassette Recording got very famous thanks to its flexibility and very relative low price. Nonetheless, it never had success in North America due to NTSC compatibility issues where tapes got loger or shorther due to transmission frequency. Read More…

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