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Apple releases the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display

Back in 2010 we had only one model of iPad; the first of many. Following the launch of the fourth generation, the iPad mini was born. A thinner, lighter, smaller version to carry around. From there the original model was the icon of power and high definition if you didn’t care about weight. Apple cares instead, and re-born it with the iPad Air.

iPad Air

iPad Air

Having same overall dimensions, the fifth generation sports an extremely lighter design of just 450g. Mathematically speaking, both models of iPad Air weights around the 72% of their predecessors. Read More…

New MacBook Pro generation may be coming up later this year.

It’s time to revamp the MacBook Pro lineup for Cupertino. Around one year ago, Apple presented the MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina Display and, some months later, introduced the 13″ inch one, with Retina Display too. On June at WWDC 2013, started the current MacBook Air lineup which, among all the new improvements, has extended battery life, 9h for 11″ and 12h for 13″. Read More…

Project Loon; this is how Google wants to bring Internet worldwide using aerostatics balloons

Forget the advanced fibre channel or fast 3G modem and think outside the box; at the moment, most of world countries cannot have Internet access. For Google the next step for bringing the Internet worldwide is not made of pylons for mobile connectivity.

There are many geographical obstacles such mountains, jungles, islands, lakes and stuff and to solve these kind of issues, Google came up with a curious idea by taking  the challenge above the surface; bring at twice the altitude where commercial airplane flies aerostatics balloons to spread the Web around the globe. Difficulty about this project is well known, and the “Loon” name is not a coincidence; nevertheless, in New Zealand Google has already started testing and first results are encouraging for improving this new technology. Read More…

PlayStation 4 strikes on Xbox One at E3


At Los Angeles’ E3 Sony finally unveiled the PlayStation 4 answering the number of question marks during the first show-off. After a few hours later than Xbox One presentation, Sony strikes on Microsoft on every part.

Jack Tretton – chief of Sony Computer Entertainment America – started with the PS Vita which nevertheless the unlucky success had is still a pillar for Sony. Then it comes the PlayStation 4; black, two sided box with oblique borders completely different from its predecessor. What’s more groundbreaking are performances and prices that gives a serious run for the money for Xbox One; more advanced CPU and GPU, along with 500GB of HDD replaceable by the user. On the titles side there are, Gran Turismo 6, DriveClub, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son and others remastered awaited at launch. Read More…

Apple WWDC 2013: a fresh start for everything with iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and more

With iOS 7 in the hands of Jony Ive, designer of most of the Apple products, we had to expect a complete change for iOS, which more or less remained the same as its first edition released in 2007. iOS 7 is visually different, the best representation of “minimal”.

iOS 7

iOS is based on three levels of hierarchy made visible because of translucency. The home screen now is responsive to tilting and background moves along for tridimensional effect. On top of them we have the translucent Notification Center and the brand new Control Center, allowing to toggle on ‘n off the most important settings like Airplane, WiFi, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock by opening in with a swipe from the bottom. Apps now look totally different than before with simple and concise looks among with their respective improvements. Read More…

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