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Apple kicks off WWDC 2014 on 2nd June 2014

As for any year, Apple will hold the annual Worldwide Developer Conference 2014 on June 2nd at Moscone West Center in San Francisco. Now you may think “Tickets get sold out so fast that I would hardly be able to have a chance of participating”. No, this year is going to be different. Instead of selling tickets like the usual first come is best served, there is going to be a lottery. That’s right, everyone will be given a fair chance of attending at this year WWDC by submitting an entry on Apple Developer website, requiring to be enrolled in one of the development programs between iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or Mac Developer Program

Hold on! There’s more. Not only working developers are eligible for the lottery. There are going to be two hundred Student Scholarships tickets reserved to students to give them too a chance of showcasing their work. In this case, they’ll only need to be registered as free Apple Developers (no enrollment required) and have created an app, which they’re supposed to be working on. A great chance to learn more about Apple’s development technologies.

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