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MacX Video Converter Pro 4.0, full-fledged video converting solution, goes free until July 25th

MacX Video Converter Pro 4.0 Giveaway

Thanks to MacX Video Converter Pro reaching version 4.0, the creator Software House Digiarty decided to celebrate this new release by making it free for everyone until July 25th, normally sold at 49,95$.

But, what are we talking about? MacX Video Converter Pro represents an All In One solution for managing any sort of media file, even if just “Converter” doesn’t bring justice to it, since it goes beyond what its name let you understand. In fact, it features a complete, full-fledged option to download videos on YouTube; just paste the URL, choose file size and format and you’re ready to go. Personally, I’ve lost enough time searching for one that works like it should and finally I found it. Output videos are perfect and not altered from its uploaded counterpart on the website. Read More…

iOS 7 beta 3: all the bugs and fixes found in this update compared to beta 2

iPhone 5 iOS 7

Time for another showdown for iOS 7, now with the turn of beta 3. Prior to read this post, try having a look at lacks of beta 2 to better understand the following. We’re going to talk about the most recent seeds released to developers, giving anyway a user-side opinion after a common usage of an iPhone 4S for a few days. Read More…

Onavo Protect will secure browsing from iPhone and iPad

Probably you’re now thinking that “iPhone is bulletproof from viruses”. That’s right, sandboxing makes impossible for any applications to interfere with other ones. But this doesn’t mean that you’re safe from scam, phishing and fake websites; it’s still up to you to decide whether trust something or not. After Onavo Extend for cellular data compression, and Onavo Count for data usage, here it comes for the iPhone Onavo Protect, a new app that enables live protection across all networks. Read More…

Gtdagenda is the best way to keep your calendar organized.

Alright, planning things ahead is a difficult task. There are countless of applications out there that focuses on scheduling. If just writing things down is not sufficient and paper doesn’t cut it, then Gtdagenda (name says everything) is definitely what you’re looking for.

Image Read More…

Real Racing 3 is coming out on 28th February in a free-to-play formula

While Real Racing 3 is already available on three App Stores worldwide, it hasn’t been released yet on many others. The latest installment of the Real Racing series started by Firemint is totally different from the first two, because it’s going to be free to play.

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