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An ill-starred Retina MacBook Pro’s amazing odyssey (and why Apple’s amazing as well)


Some time ago I talked about an ill-starred Retina MacBook Pro 15″, year 2012. Faulty computers happen, but this particular one was really unlucky to say the least. Quick recap: repaired a grand total of four times in 2015 alone, two times the upper clamshell and the logic board each.

We left ourselves with the logic board finally getting replaced; unfortunately video issues struck again. Weird artifacts were displayed when waking up the computer and once it even had a kernel panic. For me it was yet another visit to the Apple Store where, kindly, they agreed to replace the logic board again (and that was for the fourth intervention). It lasted for four days and then the issue returned. I wasn’t really excited to return to the Apple Store once more: of course it’s a great place, but in these circumstances I was sort of staggered. Read More…

History of an ill-starred, mid-2012 15″ Retina MacBook Pro


Nothing is perfect, we all know that. There’s nobody in here who didn’t experience at least once how’s it like to have a malfunctioning computer. That’s definitely my case: I had countless hardware failures throughout the years with all kinds of computers, even though my trusty 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, year 2012, has a story that deserves to be told. The first iteration of Macs that shipped with a Retina display had its own share of troubles, some even recognized by Apple. Honestly I wasn’t expecting Apple to “fail” that much while assembling my computer: anyway, I was expecting even less the exceptional treatment I received by Apple’s Support. Read More…

How to scale a Retina Display for more space, and how scaling affects performance

Retina displays are gorgeous to look at: you truly can’t see the pixels and are a joy for everyone’s eyes. Given the extremely high resolution of these displays, Apple had to make it just work. However there is a way to scale up, or down, the resolution of a Retina Display sacrificing a very little amount of sharpness to accomodate more room for your windows.

Built In Resolution

To do so you just need to open System Preferences, go to Display settings and choose Scaled: depending on your Mac, you may see either 4 or 5 options. For example on an iMac 5K and 15″ MacBook Pro you will see 5 scaling settings, while on the 12″ MacBook you’ll see only four. If you select an option that gives you more space, you’ll notice: Read More…

The new MacBook: between the Air and Pro


Years ago Apple discontinued the white Macbook, in favor of the MacBook Pro and Air lineups. The first was the most powerful laptop, sacrifing portability for performance, the second was the thinnest and lightest to carry around. Still, the Pro in 2012 received the Retina display while the Air did not, increasing the gap between the two models. However, the new MacBook came out. It’s way lighter than the Air, has a Retina display, thinner, fanless. Except for graphics and CPU, the MacBook seems to be a better MacBook Air.

Maybe no. Read More…

New MacBook Pro generation may be coming up later this year.

It’s time to revamp the MacBook Pro lineup for Cupertino. Around one year ago, Apple presented the MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina Display and, some months later, introduced the 13″ inch one, with Retina Display too. On June at WWDC 2013, started the current MacBook Air lineup which, among all the new improvements, has extended battery life, 9h for 11″ and 12h for 13″. Read More…

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