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How to scale a Retina Display for more space, and how scaling affects performance

Retina displays are gorgeous to look at: you truly can’t see the pixels and are a joy for everyone’s eyes. Given the extremely high resolution of these displays, Apple had to make it just work. However there is a way to scale up, or down, the resolution of a Retina Display sacrificing a very little amount of sharpness to accomodate more room for your windows.

Built In Resolution

To do so you just need to open System Preferences, go to Display settings and choose Scaled: depending on your Mac, you may see either 4 or 5 options. For example on an iMac 5K and 15″ MacBook Pro you will see 5 scaling settings, while on the 12″ MacBook you’ll see only four. If you select an option that gives you more space, you’ll notice: Read More…

Apple WWDC 2015 roundup: improving the fundamentals of OS X and iOS, watchOS 2 and Apple Music

During this week Apple has showed off the upcoming versions of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9,  alongside Apple Music on which we’ll come back later.

OS X El Captain head

As far as it goes for El Capitan, it’s based on the precedent release of Yosemite, which brought in all the UI updates that we have since last year. Indeed, El Capitan is actually a mountain that’s found inside Yosemite National Park in California.

Refinements span throughout the whole system: from entire apps like Notes, to the details like the new font San Francisco, made especially for Retina displays or the trackpad shaking to reveal where the pointer is. Mission Control and Exposé have been greatly improved, while reducing at the same time the number of steps needed to sort out the desktop. With a simple swipe you can see what’s going on your Mac, and pull one or even two apps full screen side-by-side. Read More…

Apple is live streaming its keynote on October 16th

it's been way too long Apple

Just a month later after the announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple comes up with another keynote; the tagline “It’s been way too long” suggests we’re going to see a revamp of products that haven’t been touched for a while. Some suggests an update to iMac; the last major addition to the line was in september 2012 with a convex design and great hardware improvements, while in 2013 they simply received new Intel Haswell processors. Mac mini is also a good candidate for the same reasons.

iPad are more likely to get an update. After seeing the new iPhone 6 Plus, we can expect a new home button with TouchID, higher resolution Retina Display, overall improvements in performance and, probably, even thinner design. Read More…

Apple relaunches Back to School; $100 and 50$ Gift Cards on Mac, iPad & iPhone

Apple back to school promo 2014

Like every year, Apple has made available for students the Back to school promotion, as advertised on their website. From now until the early days of September, students who purchase a Mac for school/college purposes, will receive a free App Store gift card of 100$ to spend on kitting it out with all you need for comeback. Plus on the Apple Online Store there’s a new section dedicated to accessories for your newly purchased products, including online exclusives.

Instead, if you’re looking to buy an iPhone or an iPad for the same purposes, you’ll get a 50$ Gift Card.

Additionally to these bonuses, students can enjoy a dedicated discount with education pricing; up to 200$ on Mac, and up to 30$ on an iPad (nothing is applied regarding iPhones though).

Those who qualify for educational pricing and free gift card are college students, students accepted to college, parents buying on behalf of college students, faculty, homeschool teachers and staff at all grade levels.


In Italiano

Come ogni anno, Apple ha proposto nuovamente la campagna Back to school. Da ora fino ai primi giorni di Settembre, gli studenti che acquisteranno un Mac per la scuola riceveranno gratuitamente una carta regalo App Store del valore di €70, perfetta per attrezzarsi per il nuovo anno scolastico. In più, sull’Apple Online Store è presente una nuova guida all’acquisto comprendente tutti gli accessori per il vostro nuovo prodotto, incluse alcune esclusive.

In alternativa, gli interessati all’acquisto di un iPhone o iPad per gli stessi motivi, riceveranno una carta da €35.

In aggiunta a questi, gli studenti possono usufruire di uno sconto speciale education; fino a 209€ sui Mac e fino a 38€ su iPad (tuttavia, nulla è applicato sull’acquisto di iPhone).

Coloro che si qualificano per sia lo sconto education, sia la carta regalo sono studenti regolarmente iscritti o frequentanti un’università, un genitore che acquista per uno studente universitario, docente o membro del personale di scuole e università.


Apple WWDC 2014: the complete recap of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.



OS X Yosemite is probably the biggest visual update the Mac had in the past years. A close imitation of what iOS 7 has been. With yesterday’s keynote, it’s flatter than ever, based on translucent and opaque color schemes.

OS X Yosemite

The dock is in two dimensions, apps and folder icons have been redesigned from the ground up to be in style with the minimal design. Windows adapt to the background wallpaper, and the same translucent material used across the system adds a sense of infinite scrolling that brings you closer to the files within. This general color scheme applies system-wide to all included apps, ranging from Safari (now sporting a streamlined toolbar), Reminders, Mail, Messages. Spotlight isn’t restrained anymore in the top right corner of the screen, but has a fully-fledged search bar that includes results within the computer, the web and iCloud. Read More…

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