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How to see updated apps in OS X Mavericks at a glance.

Launchpad updated apps OS X Mavericks.

Look, there’s an update! I have to do it, but I don’t want to go on the App Store and check that out. With OS X Mavericks, the Mac App Store now downloads and install everything while you’re not thinking about them. Maybe you’re watching a great film that you can’t miss, and that’s it. But how do you know that an app has been updated recently? Yeah, you may say that you need to go to the MAS and check manually the latest downloads made. On the other hand, Mavericks provides a cookie-cutter way that is not intrusive or effortful. Read More…

Napkin is the ultimate app for communicating visually on a Mac

The most known software on the Mac for quick editing images, is the “stock” Preview app. Everything that you need to do for applying last-second effects are Napkin logo
summarized in a little bar. Although Preview is not enough when you really want to highlight something or to communicate visually using shapes and drawings. If this was your question when you stumbled upon here, then look no further than Napkin, a newly released application on the Mac App Store, which is really simple to use and yet remarkably powerful developed by Aged & Distilled.

Napkin opens up with a blank canvas and a full sized toolbar, which includes all the commands you are going to use. Right, everything is there, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of Napkin. At your first launch, there are some quick tips and video tutorials to help you get started.

The greatest feature of Napkin is that the mouse is like a pencil. If you want to draw a circle, simply (try) to do one and Napkin will automatically create one based on the dimensions you gave to it. Same thing happens for lines and strokes, which are drawn instantly on the canvas. The toolbar provides quick access to the most common functions you’re going to use. Start adding text, images and edit them later. If you encounter some trouble, Napkin provides a quick help showed as a small “?” icon, just in case you need to remember something.

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If you already think that Napkin is fantastic, then you still have to see one more thing, called Call-Out. Call-Outs allows you to zoom a certain part of an element on the canvas. Just drag and drop the icon inside the Call-out on any element, and Napkin will automatically highlight it.

Going to the right side of the toobar, we have our common commands for the overall layout; group them, send them backwards or onwards and lock them to prevent accidental movements. Then we find the Mountain Lion’s Sharing Sheets and the .png pip, which you can drag and drop anywhere to create immediately a file of your work without the need of saving in somewhere.

Napkin is available on the Mac App Store for 40$ (36,99€). Price might look high for you, but this is definitely the best, most simple to use yet ultimate app to communicate visually your thoughts and ideas to the world within minutes.

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How to stop a download from the Mac App Store

So, you want to stop a heavy download, but you don’t know how to do it. In fact, in the Purchased section of the Mac App Store, you can only pause it for a while, but not delete it permanently (although you can download it in a second time with no additional costs). Se here’s a short tutorial about how to stop one.

First of all, go to the Purchased section and find the interested app. Next to it there should be a bar like this one, with the pause button:

Mac App Store download

To stop it, press and hold the Alt key on the keyboard, and then click the Stop button.

Another way to do it is from the launchpad, which is a bit more easier. Once the app is download, it will appear in the launchpad alongside with the other ones. Like before, press and hold the Alt key, click the “X” on the top left of the icon and delete it.Stop a download from the Mac App Store

Simple? 😉

In Italiano

La versione in italiano è disponibile a questo link.

Why Apple raised all the iOS App Store and Mac App Store prices

Some days ago, the smallest price for an application on the App Store was 0,79€. Right now, it has scaled up to 0,89€, but why this move? It’s related to the currency itself and the actual change between dollars and euros. Actually, also in Mexican and Danish Stores the prices raised up. This affected every price point for any kind of applications, from the Mac to the iPhone and iPad. Let’s view the 10 most common prices for an app.

The 10 most common prices compared with total revenue for developers.

As you can see, the price slowly increment as you increment them. Mathematically talking, they are directly proportional. On the Mac App Store the situation is worse for customers. To give you an example, Final Cut Pro X was priced at 239,99€, right now it costs 269,99€, 30€ more, nothing less. However it doesn’t stop here. If you compare the same apps to the ones available on Google Play (the old Android Market), you will note that now the App Store is slightly costlier.

As a first answer, you may say “Well, it’s because the € has a smaller exchange rate right now”. If we go beyond that, why others left the prices as before?

In Italiano

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Come fermare un download dal Mac App Store

Il Mac App Store permette di scaricare comodamente le applicazioni direttamente sul proprio Mac senza dover navigare in giro per il web tra un sito e l’altro. Dopo aver avviato il download però sembra che l’opzione per bloccarlo sia inesistente “costringendoci” a metterlo solo in pausa. Invece, un modo molto semplice esiste, che permette di mostrare il pulsante “Annulla”.

Quando effettuate un download avete una barra come questa:

I pulsanti sono due: la “X” che nasconde il download dalla sezione “Acquistati” , e “Pausa” appunto per fermare temporaneamente il download. Se invece tenete premuto il pulsante opzione ecco che compare al suo posto uno con scritto “Annulla”. Uscirà quindi il messaggio di conferma ricordando che possiamo riscaricarla quando vogliamo senza costi aggiuntivi.

In più questo metodo funziona anche dal Launchpad, in cui si vede lo stato del/i download e quindi fermarlo. Semplice no? 🙂

Se preferite, ecco una dimostrazione video sul nostro canale YouTube!

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