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iTunes App Store celebrates 5th birthday making free these top selling apps

Only on the App Store

With more than 50 billion downloads reached, iTunes App Store celebrates 5th year of activity. First, Apple sent to journalist several posters showing on a timeline all the major hits it has reached over the past years since it has opened.

To give a head start to celebrations of such a milestone, many from the most top selling apps ever on the App Store have gone free for a limited time. These titles ranges from Infinity Blade II, highly acclaimed RPG running Epic Games’ Unreal engine, Tiny Wings, which was the Game of the Year and Where’s my Water, 25th billion downloaded app. Feel like going beyond them? Apple has created a new gallery of apps named “Only on the App Store” featuring some of the most desirable applications for your iPhone or iPad, from New Releases to Games and Apps. Read More…

Countdown for 50th billion apps downloaded has started. 10.000$ iTunes Card and more…

50th billion apps App Store

After passing the 40th billion app downloaded milestone, the App Store started yesterday the countdown for the 50th billion app downloaded. Prize for the lucky winner? Nothing less than a iTunes Gift Card for a value of 10.000$, enough to make you purchase everything you ever wanted. This time there won’t be just one prize up for grabs; in fact, those who will download one of the fifty app after the milestone has been reached, you’ll be eligible for a 500$ iTunes Card (yes, it is 1/20 of the first one but still a great gift). Read More…

The App Store hits 40 billion of unique downloads (and counting)

Today with a Press Release Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue announced that the App Store reached the outstanding amount of 40 billion of unique app downloads since the opening, excluding updates and re-downloaded ones.


“It has been an incredible year for the iOS developer community, Developers have made over seven billion dollars on the App Store, and we continue to invest in providing them with the best ecosystem so they can create the most innovative apps in the world.”

Just two millions of them were downloaded just in December sad Cue.

Although there are over 775.000 apps available, 300.000 specifically for iPad in 155 countries, huge hits like Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Flipboard and other emerging developers brought brought this milestone even further. The precedent milestone was the countdown for the 2.500.000.000, with a chance of winning a 20.000$ iTunes Card; this happened less than a year ago in March 2012, sign that the App Store is spreading like a wildfire.

In Italiano

Oggi con un comunicato stampa l’SVP per i Software Internet e Servizi di Apple Eddy Cue ha dichiarato che l’App Store ha toccato quota 50 miliardi di applicazioni uniche scaricate, esclusi aggiornamenti e app ri-scaricate.

È stato un anno incredibile per la comunità di sviluppatori iOS, I developer hanno fatturato sette miliardi di dollari sull’App Store, e continuiamo ad investire per garantire loro il miglior ecosistema, cosicché possano creare le applicazioni più innovative al mondo”.

Solo due miliardi di esse sono state scaricate nel mese di dicembre, continua Cue.

Anche se ci sono circa ben 775.000 applicazioni disponibili di cui 300.000 disegnate per iPad in 155 paesi, grandi successi come Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Flipboard e altri sviluppatori emergenti hanno spinto questo traguardo ancora più avanti. La precedente “pietra miliare” è stata il raggiungimenti della quota di, con una possibilità di vincere una iTunes Card del valore di 20.000$; questo è accaduto meno di un anno fa a Marzo 2012, segno di quanto l’App Store si continua ad espandere a macchia d’olio.

How to transfer purchased items from iPhone to iTunes 11 [GUIDE]

iTunes 11 is more than a simple upgrade, which brought a number of new features followed by a complete restyle of the application. Something changed also in the way we synchronize our iPhone or iPad. Because the double-click on the device’s name doesn’t work anymore, here’s a really short tutorial about how to make it possible.


In iTunes, go to the menu bar, and select File > Devices > Transfer purchases from [YOUR DEVICE NAME]. Then it’ll start importing the device’s content in your iTunes Library.


In Italiano

iTunes 11 è stato molto di più che un semplice aggiornamento, che ha portato notevoli cambiamenti seguiti da un restyling completo dell’applicazione. È anche cambiato il modo in cui sincronizziamo i nostri iPhone e iPad, e dal momento che il tasto destro del mouse sul nome del dispositivo non funziona più, ecco una breve guida per ovviare al problema.

Su iTunes, andate nella barra del menu, cliccate quindi su File > Dispositivi > Trasferisci acquisti da [NOME DEL DISPOSITIVO]. Ecco quindi che iTunes inizierà l’importazione dei contenuti acquistati nella libreria di iTunes.

12 days of Christmas: day 3, First Touch Score Classic Goals

So here we are back again for the second day of the “12 days of Christmas” on iTunes, where every day until the 6th January 2013 a song, video clip, book or app gets free for 24 hours.

12 Days of Christmas on iTunes

Read More…

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