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iOS SSL security flaw forces devices in an endless reboot loop: had the iPad replaced for that.

Recently researches of Skycure have discovered an SSL security flaw in iOS systems which allows an external attacker to force your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in an endless reboot process, thereby making them useless.

The exploit uses a malevolent SSL certificate that makes the operative system crash every time it attempts to use a secure connection under Wi-Fi connectivity. Because of that, even if you had known what was causing the problem, you would never had the time to shut down your Internet connection on the device.

The flaw, named “No iOS Zone” first appeared on a video which showed an iPhone 5S stuck in reboot mode.

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Apple WWDC 2014: the complete recap of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.



OS X Yosemite is probably the biggest visual update the Mac had in the past years. A close imitation of what iOS 7 has been. With yesterday’s keynote, it’s flatter than ever, based on translucent and opaque color schemes.

OS X Yosemite

The dock is in two dimensions, apps and folder icons have been redesigned from the ground up to be in style with the minimal design. Windows adapt to the background wallpaper, and the same translucent material used across the system adds a sense of infinite scrolling that brings you closer to the files within. This general color scheme applies system-wide to all included apps, ranging from Safari (now sporting a streamlined toolbar), Reminders, Mail, Messages. Spotlight isn’t restrained anymore in the top right corner of the screen, but has a fully-fledged search bar that includes results within the computer, the web and iCloud. Read More…

Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 to fix lock screen security issues

iOS 7.0.2 update

A few days ago was discovered a bug that allowed everyone to bypass the PIN lock on iOS 7 by following a rather simple workaround. It consisted in opening the Clock app, go to the alarm tab, press the sleep/wake button to make appear the turn off slide and enter multitasking freely from there.

Apple now releases a security update, reaching 7.0.2 that fixes this issue once and for all and reintroduces a Greek keyboard option for passcode entry. Read More…

iOS 7 beta 3: all the bugs and fixes found in this update compared to beta 2

iPhone 5 iOS 7

Time for another showdown for iOS 7, now with the turn of beta 3. Prior to read this post, try having a look at lacks of beta 2 to better understand the following. We’re going to talk about the most recent seeds released to developers, giving anyway a user-side opinion after a common usage of an iPhone 4S for a few days. Read More…

Apple releases iOS 7 beta 3; now available direct links for .ipsw file download

iPhone 5 iOS 7

After being able to try out the new iOS 7 beta 3 through OTA update, developers can now download the respective .ipsw file from the Apple Developer portal for their devices, useful especially when it comes to do a clean install if something’s going wrong with your iPhone or iPad. Official links are the following ones;

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