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Apple’s iOS 9 update may render your iPhone 6 useless

When iOS 9 launched some users had been hit with an “error 53” message at the end of the process. Rather than updating the device, it made some Apple iPhone 6’s owners a brick. Little was known about this cryptic error: Apple only knew that it was an unrecoverable system failure and the fix was to change the device with a new one (paying for it of course).

Error 53 would show up if the home button assembly had been repaired by a third-party rather than Apple itself: this is common practice among users as third-parties ask a fraction for the service compared to Apple. A large number of users found themselves forced to pay for a replacement when iOS 9 was made publicly available, and now we know why.

The home button on the iPhone 6 also houses the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. While it is extremely handy for unlocking the device, it’s also used for more important things like purchases on the App Store, Apple Pay and sometimes to access sensible information. The Touch ID sensor that comes with the iPhone has a unique pairing with the device itself: replacing the component causes this pair to fail, and locks you out permanently from using this feature at all, including all of those that depend on it. It’s meant to be a security feature to prevent that somebody could replaced the original Touch ID with a malicious one. When updating the device to a newer release of iOS additional security checks are the cause of the fatal error 53 that permanently makes the iPhone useless. Read More…

Apple announces new generation of iPhone(s) and the Apple Watch

The iPhone 5S and 5C paved the way, splitting the new generation of iPhones in two. However, this time the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus are different more in dimensions than performance. The two new iPhones sport thinner, sharper edges, and bigger screens.


To give you an idea, the original iPhone, until the 4S, had 3,5″ diagonal. The iPhone 5 reached 4″, but it still was just taller, not wider. The iPhone 6 is 4,7″, while the iPhone 6 Plus is 5,5″. Galaxy Note 4 on the other hand, is 5,7″. The iPad mini is 7,9″, and the iPad Air is 10,1″.

Anyway, to make up for the bigger screen, the iPhone 6 raises the resolution to 1334×750, in order to keep the 326 ppi of pixel density. However, the iPhone 6 Plus has 1920×1080, the resolution of a HD TV, and a higher density of 401 ppi. Thanks to bigger displays, the iPhone 6 Plus features a brand new landscape view. Read More…

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