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Why Apple shouldn’t develop a backdoor for iOS as requested by the FBI following San Bernardino events

FBI (a.k.a. USA Federal Bureau Investigation) wants one of the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone 5C unlocked by Apple; even though it seems an easy matter, Apple doesn’t want to comply. And they have more than good reasons to do so.

First of all, Apple isn’t siding with terrorists: many big tech companies like Google and Microsoft have expressed their support. They already provided their stored backups of the device and did everything they could to help the investigators: however Cupertino does not want to decrypt the device itself by breaking its passcode protection. Since iOS 8, Apple deleted the encryption keys of their customer’s devices from their servers: in other words, not even they can access the stored data because they don’t have any way to do so anymore. As a result, the FBI is locked out of the phone and so is Apple… more or less.

Due to the security measures of iOS, FBI has requested Apple to develop a very particular version of their mobile operative system by introducing a backdoor that would let them brute force the passcode with the speed of modern computers, something they can’t do with the iOS we all know. By “brute forcing” we mean trying to input every possible combination electronically: Apple doesn’t let this happen in two ways: by wiping the data after 10 failed attempts, or by repeatedly disabling the device after too many wrong attempts. Read More…

Apple announces the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C; the post-Jobs era has started.

Yesterday Apple has announced the next generation of the iPhone, reaching 5S. Anyway, it wasn’t the only device presented. In fact, for the first time ever, there is a low cost version of the iPhone, the 5C. Nonetheless, instead of keeping the iPhone 5 as the free model under the normal 2 year contract, the iPhone 4S took its place. With this year’s keynote, we have the confirmation that the post-Jobs era has started, completely.

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

Made partly in glass for the front and hard-coated polycarbonate on the back which envelops the borders too, the iPhone 5C presents in multiple colors; green, blue, yellow, red and white alongside with official cases with even greater color range. It’s obvious that iOS 7 is fitted in looks to adapt to the color you choose as the transparency levels of the UI adapts on the background color. It is powered by an A6 chip, same as the iPhone 5 and one step ahead of the 4S’ A5. The camera has still 8MP with 5 lens optics, technically nearly the same quality of the 4S, but not on the software side. The iPhone 5C has the ability to take photos while recording and can zoom in by a maximum of 3x. In the end it supports thirteen LTE bands worldwide, expanding the USA-only limit imposed by the iPhone 5.

The 5C will be available from 549$ for the 16GB model and 649$ for 32GB one. Read More…

It’s official; Apple is going to release the new iPhone 5S on 10th September 2013

iPhone 5S invite

Time for rumors has stopped. Apple sent the first invites for the keynote scheduled for 10th September 2013. The long-rumored (as any other Apple product after all, nda) iPhone 5S is coming out next Tuesday. The invites are always cryptic, but presence of a number of colors makes us think that the new color availability other than common black and white was true. Moreover, this strengths the possibility of the presence of a low cost iPhone, named 5C making it more affordable for everyone. Read More…

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