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Apple WWDC 2013: a fresh start for everything with iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and more

With iOS 7 in the hands of Jony Ive, designer of most of the Apple products, we had to expect a complete change for iOS, which more or less remained the same as its first edition released in 2007. iOS 7 is visually different, the best representation of “minimal”.

iOS 7

iOS is based on three levels of hierarchy made visible because of translucency. The home screen now is responsive to tilting and background moves along for tridimensional effect. On top of them we have the translucent Notification Center and the brand new Control Center, allowing to toggle on ‘n off the most important settings like Airplane, WiFi, Bluetooth, Orientation Lock by opening in with a swipe from the bottom. Apps now look totally different than before with simple and concise looks among with their respective improvements. Read More…

iOS 6.0.2 is available for download, fixing Wi-Fi problems on iPad mini and iPhone 5

There were a lot of complains about the Wi-Fi on the iPad mini and on the iPhone 5, which wasn’t stable at all and not working properly.

A few minutes ago Apple officially released iOS 6.0.2 specifically for them, fixing this and other minor bugs. Here’s the really short change log:

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi
For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

The update is available over-the-air right from the device or by using iTunes to download and install it. If you’re searching for the .ipsw file, here are direct links to download them to your computer:

  • iPhone 5 (GSM) – (Build 10A551); Download
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA) – (Build 10A551); Download
  • iPad Mini (WiFi) – (Build 10A550); Download
  • iPad Mini (GSM) – (Build 10A8500); Download
  • iPad Mini (CDMA) – (Build 10A8500); Download


In Italiano

Ci sono state molte lamentele riguardo al Wi-Fi sull’iPad mini ed iPhone 5, nei quali la connessione non risultava lavorare correttamente.

Pochi minuti fa Apple ha reso disponibile al download iOS 6.0.2, che porta il fix a questo problema più altri miglioramenti. Segue il breve change log ufficiale:

Questo aggiornamento contiene miglioramenti e correzioni di errori, tra cui: 

•  Risoluzione di un errore relativo al funzionamento della connessione Wi-Fi.

Per informazioni sul contenuto di sicurezza di questo aggiornamento, visita il sito web:  


L’aggiornamento è disponibile over-the-air direttamente dal proprio dispositivo oppure tramite iTunes, scaricando ed installando il nuovo OS. Se stavate cercando invece il file .ipsw, ecco i link diretti per il download.

  • iPhone 5 (GSM) – (Build 10A551); Download
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA) – (Build 10A551); Download
  • iPad Mini (WiFi) – (Build 10A550); Download
  • iPad Mini (GSM) – (Build 10A8500); Download
  • iPad Mini (CDMA) – (Build 10A8500); Download

Apple’s EarPods, the full review

As you may know, iPhone 5 features a whole new type of earphones, the so called EarPods. Unlike the precedent version, these are shaped following the human ear geometry, making them fit perfectly when you listen to music (or why not, films!). In these weeks I’ve constantly used them in different context, and here’s what I “heard”.

Sound quality and comfort

The sound quality is simply breathtaking, that’s why you shouldn’t turn up the volume to the max, because they are extremely powerful. Plus, along with a very good comfort, Earpods provides high decibel of sounds without losing quality. Though you may experience some noise if the music’s volume is too high, but that’s not a so big problem. Then I tried with action films like The Avengers, and the experience was fantastic: I couldn’t hear anything else that the FX. Going back to the comfort, unlike the others the EarPods aren’t just resting on the ear. This means that it’s a bit harder that the earphones fall while listening.

Playing with the EQ

Going down into the details, Earpods have three different microphones; one small on the back, a bigger one on the side, and another one on the front. These provides an immersive experience, but what about using the iTunes EQ? The best result I had was the bass amplification. Before I sad that a too high volume produces a bit of noise, but this can be cancelled playing with the best thing about EarPods, the bass. When I first tried them, I was stunned how I heard the music, especially when it comes to bass. I controlled the EQ, but it was switched off. When I activated it, I thought to be listening under the water. Another cool EQ set is the Acoustic one, try them off and take a look at how the audio changes.

Comparing them

I actually tried more expensive earphones and headphones from Bose. The sound is almost there for the EarPods, but for 29,00€ (and 29,00$) it’s a great deal. The sound canceling is good, but you get the best result when the audio is really turned to the high. Finally, a really good product for semi-occasionally music listeners and not!


In Italiano

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Siri is currently down and not working on iOS [UPDATED]

Right now Siri si working for everyone!

A really short It started around 5 PM (GMT +1) when Siri stopped working on iOS devices.

In fact, when you try do ask something, the device will remain stuck for some minutes and then report that it can’t accept any requests at this time.

Probably servers are down due to an overload, because today’s when the iPhone 5 got released i many countries and users wanted to test the new iOS 6. When Siri will be available again, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

In Italiano

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iPhone 5: more than two millions preorders in 24 hours

The iPhone 5 was a huge hit: more than two millions of preorders got registered in the first 24 hours. This number is even more than the initial furniture and many of the devices will not be shipped for the launch date.

Preorders of the iPhone 5 have smashed the last record held by the iPhone 4S, with “just” one million during the first 24h of preorders.

The iPhone 5 will be launched on September 21 in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan in Apple Stores starting from 8 AM, while in other countries it’ll be available exactly one week later.

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