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iPad Pro: the latest iteration of hybrid notebooks aimed at professionals


If we’d start by simply listing the specifications of the new iPad Pro you might just say “hey, isn’t that a notebook?“. A cover that works also like a hardware keyboard, 12,9″ Retina Display that houses even more pixels than a 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, 4  audio speakers that adapt to the device’s orientation to provide the best sound possible, a CPU that’s desktop class, same goes for the GPU, El Capitan-like multitasking, up to 128GB flash. Only the 3D Touch screen may hint you that we’re speaking about a tablet.

An iPad for professionals

While the iPad Air has not been updated, the new iPad Pro isn’t meant for the everyday user, and probably not even ideal to be carried around unless it can replace your notebook. The 12,9″ display is that big, about the size of a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina’s clamshell, just thicker to house all the horsepower and light enough to be held with one hand.

Also for the first time ever, Apple came up with its own keyboard that folds with the cover and a stylus named Apple Pencil specifically made for the iPad Pro that’s sensible to different kind of pressures and inclinations to further enhance tasks like creative drawing. Multitasking allows side-by-side applications seamlessly, and the wide display fits a fully sized keyboard just like laptop ones. Read More…

iPad Pro allegedly confirmed coming out soon with 12,9″ Retina display and Stylus

iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

Here it comes the first tangible proof that an iPad Pro may be real. The new iPad was first discovered by an analysis company, then more recently confirmed by Appsee, specialized in app tracking, that sighted down a model identified as iPad6,8 which does not correspond to any iPad released as of now.

Data shows a screen resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels; if we suppose that the new iPad will have the same pixels per inch (ppi) density of 263, like the other Retina iPads, the screen diagonal would turn out to be 12,9″, wider even than the newly released ultra-thin MacBook. Furthermore in iOS 9 betas the iPad6,8 identifier has already been spotted, along with an extended software keyboard that is unlikely to match the dimensions of any current iPad, as well as repeated rumors of an upcoming, never seen before iPad. Read More…

Apple WWDC 2015 roundup: improving the fundamentals of OS X and iOS, watchOS 2 and Apple Music

During this week Apple has showed off the upcoming versions of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9,  alongside Apple Music on which we’ll come back later.

OS X El Captain head

As far as it goes for El Capitan, it’s based on the precedent release of Yosemite, which brought in all the UI updates that we have since last year. Indeed, El Capitan is actually a mountain that’s found inside Yosemite National Park in California.

Refinements span throughout the whole system: from entire apps like Notes, to the details like the new font San Francisco, made especially for Retina displays or the trackpad shaking to reveal where the pointer is. Mission Control and Exposé have been greatly improved, while reducing at the same time the number of steps needed to sort out the desktop. With a simple swipe you can see what’s going on your Mac, and pull one or even two apps full screen side-by-side. Read More…

iOS SSL security flaw forces devices in an endless reboot loop: had the iPad replaced for that.

Recently researches of Skycure have discovered an SSL security flaw in iOS systems which allows an external attacker to force your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in an endless reboot process, thereby making them useless.

The exploit uses a malevolent SSL certificate that makes the operative system crash every time it attempts to use a secure connection under Wi-Fi connectivity. Because of that, even if you had known what was causing the problem, you would never had the time to shut down your Internet connection on the device.

The flaw, named “No iOS Zone” first appeared on a video which showed an iPhone 5S stuck in reboot mode.

Read More…

Apple is live streaming its keynote on October 16th

it's been way too long Apple

Just a month later after the announcement of the iPhone 6, Apple comes up with another keynote; the tagline “It’s been way too long” suggests we’re going to see a revamp of products that haven’t been touched for a while. Some suggests an update to iMac; the last major addition to the line was in september 2012 with a convex design and great hardware improvements, while in 2013 they simply received new Intel Haswell processors. Mac mini is also a good candidate for the same reasons.

iPad are more likely to get an update. After seeing the new iPhone 6 Plus, we can expect a new home button with TouchID, higher resolution Retina Display, overall improvements in performance and, probably, even thinner design. Read More…

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