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iOS SSL security flaw forces devices in an endless reboot loop: had the iPad replaced for that.

Recently researches of Skycure have discovered an SSL security flaw in iOS systems which allows an external attacker to force your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in an endless reboot process, thereby making them useless.

The exploit uses a malevolent SSL certificate that makes the operative system crash every time it attempts to use a secure connection under Wi-Fi connectivity. Because of that, even if you had known what was causing the problem, you would never had the time to shut down your Internet connection on the device.

The flaw, named “No iOS Zone” first appeared on a video which showed an iPhone 5S stuck in reboot mode.

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Paper will forever change the way you use Facebook on your iPhone

Introducing Paper from Facebook on Vimeo.

Let’s say it. Facebook mobile apps hasn’t ever been the jack of all trades point to users seeking to stay connected on the go. Nevertheless the continuous updates to match iOS change of looks, it is still some sort of clunky to browse in and rather inefficient to scroll through stories. Read More…

Finally there is a jailbreak for iOS 7 (still, don’t get too excited for now)

iOS 7.x jailbreak

For those interested in “unlocking” their Apple devices and still locked on iOS 6 waiting for a change, Evasi0n website has silently published an untethered jailbreak from iOS 7 to 7.0.4; this means that rebooting the iPhone won’t have any issues if battery is dead, unlike the tethered that will brick it when powered down as it doesn’t afflict the OS at deeper levels. Read More…

Apple launches iOS 7.0.4; fixes FaceTime issues, another one comes back.


Early today Apple silently released iOS 7.0.4, another small incremental update that finally resolves FaceTime failing for some users while attempting to call someone. In the security information notes, it is specified that got fixed a potential problem that may have caused unwanted App Store purchases (even In-App) where the device didn’t prompt the password confirmation. The bug was eliminated by adding additional authorization security.

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How the Lost Mode works on iOS 7 devices and iCloud

One of the biggest changes involved in the iOS 7 update came out this week is the Lost Mode in iCloud. Lost Mode allows any device connected to your own Apple ID to be locked down with a 4 digit PIN code and seamlessly track its movements on the map. But how secure this can be? And how does it work?

How to activate the Lost Mode

Lost Mode can be activated only through Find my iPhone, either on icloud.com/#find or from the iOS app, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. After having selected the lost device, you have three options. Play Sound, Erase, and Lost Mode. Play sound simply makes the device ring an alarm even if it is silenced or audio is muted, while Erase will delete every content on it, even if after doing so it will be impossible to locate it again.

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