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Apple releases iOS 6.1.4, just for iPhone 5

iOS 6.1.4

In the last hours Apple released a new update for iOS, now reaching build 6.1.4. Anyway, this update doesn’t bring any relevant improvement, feature or bug fix for most of devices, since it is available only for iPhone 5. The change log states only one change about the audio profile; Read More…

An iOS 6.1 bug allows to bypass the Lock Screen PIN

It’s not the first time it happens, but with the new iOS 6.1 update the bug came back once again, which allows to bypass the Lock Screen PIN on the iPhone.

Procedure is quite simple; tap the emergency call button and hold the power button. Once you get the message “slide to turn off” cancel it. You’ll se the top bar will turn blue; make an emergency call and end it immediately.
After getting back to the lock screen, press and hold the power button and after a couple of seconds tap the emergency call. You will get in the Cellular application where you can see the contacts and the photos saved on the Camera Roll. Though you can’t use other applications except this one.
Anyway, this workaround may not work on all devices, since you can get a black screen only which brings nowhere.

Here’s the video from The Verge showing how you can do it.

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Apple releases iOS 6.1 update, extending support for LTE and more

With the last beta released just yesterday, Apple surprises everyone by releasing the new iOS 6.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Let’s see the most important things introduced today.

LTE support extended
The most important feature is that LTE has been extended to even more carriers worldwide, supporting the new technology which is spreading like a wildfire. The full list of the supported carriers for each nation, can be found here.

New buttons for lock-screen
Then we have new buttons for the lock screen. Instead of big ones which needs the entire clock space we have more minimalistic ones conform to the stock Music app.

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Now you can gift iTunes Card using your Apple ID

If you don’t like to connect your credit card to your Apple ID, I completely understand. I prefer using iTunes Cards instead, you know, those thin and yet great pieces of plastic hiding a number. They avoid “problems” like billing or even worse hacking (even worse from hacking).

Now luckily, just in time for Christmas, you can send iTunes Card to another Apple ID as a gift using the App Store on iOS devices. Just scroll down until you see the Send Gift button at the bottom left:

  • Set the amount of credit you want to gift, provide the other Apple ID email address and enter an optional message.
  • Send it by paying with your credit card. Note that you must provide a payment information in order to process it.

The credit will be received with all the needed steps to redeem it.

Sounds like a great idea if you don’t know what you can give as a present.


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The differences between iOS 6’s Passbook and NFC technology

The NFC technology isn’t right now widely used. Though every company has at least one model, which supports the near field technology. Everyone… except Apple. Why? Before trying to find the answer, we have to come back to iOS 6 presentation. Summarizing, iOS 6 had a new built-in application, called Passbook. This stores different kind of passes, from boarding passes to a Starbucks balance. All you need to do to use them is take the iPhone and pass it when paying like a barcode. If you want to make an idea of what Passbook looks like, head to PassSource which creates fakes passes but at least you have a general idea. (of course, I’m not responsible of what your gonna to do with it).

The NFC is totally different. First of all, Passbook is a software, NFC requires a chip. That’s why it can have a lot more of possibilities, because the NFC technology creates a bidirectional wireless connection up to 10cm of distance between two devices. This means that more than virtual money, these can exchange almost every type of digital content, from music to photos, videos etc, right now at a very slow connection (424 kbit/s). Apple created an ecosystem, where everything is strictly connected to make them work as you (or maybe they) want. Passbook is the Apple’s answer to the NFC technology, that’s why you might never see it on an iPhone.

Now that we have a bit of base knowledge, let’s start talking about security. Most of you use an ATM, and in order to use it you have to know the PIN code, so if you lose it, you know that the robber will not be able to use it for a while. And if someone stoles your smartphone which is connected to your bank account? Well, the risk is a bit higher, because for transactions smaller for example than 25€, then you’re gonna see series of micro-transaction made with your phone. Better to PIN lock your iPhone next time.

In Italiano

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