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Microsoft launches Xbox One; open fight with PlayStation 4 high-end hardware coming late this year

This week Microsoft announced the next step in Xbox history, named Xbox One. A black, squared opaque box almost without buttons, slightly changed pad, bigger Kinect with an essential design said to be ready for a new frontier of gaming. The Xbox One is not “just” a console anymore, more an all-in-one home entertainment center placed under the TV.

Kinect has been enhanced representing the most important feature of Xbox One, by receiving voice controls such “Xbox On” and the minimum gesture making the pad useless. Interactivity is handled by Skype, now property of Microsoft and deeply integrated into the OS, which is, heavily based on Windows 8 mosaic-style interface and cloud services.

Tailored for gaming, under the hood we have tech-specs of a high-end computer and at the same time close to PlayStation 4 ones. 8-core x86 CPU, ATI graphics 1.2 TFLOPS GPU, 500GB hard disk storage, 8GB of RAM and the awaited Blu-Ray drive, probably the biggest lack Xbox 360 had due to high dimensions DVD and low quality video output.  Read More…

Google tributes 37th year anniversary of Atari Breakout with a special doodle

When video gaming was still at the beginning, the best games you could have imagined to play were made of plain colors, in 2D environment unlike today’s ones which are near the reality. Google now pays tribute for Atari’s legendary game “Breakout”. If you try searching on Google Images “Atari Breakout”, the result will end up from a brief loading before the search turns in a online game. Target is really simple; all you need to do is break the lines of wall by hitting them with the bar and avoid it to fall from the screen. Sounds too simple, but these kinds of games were venerated half century ago, where there weren’t powerful engines like now.

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The new Xbox generation will be revealed on May 21 on live stream

After that the lights were pointed on the next-generation Playstation 4, Microsoft is taking its chance by announcing the next step for the Xbox console. After being through over ten years of evolution, the Xbox needed a huge boost to keep up with the PC market, widely recognized as the most flexible machine for gaming due to the extensive possibilities of setup and upgrading. Announcing the upcoming show-off of the Xbox is Microsoft itself, by streaming the event on xbox.com, Spike TV, Xbox LIVE platform and starting a #XboxReveal hashtag on Twitter which already counts tons of tweets.

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How to play retro games like Tetris and Pong using your Mac’s Terminal

Did you ever know that the Mac has a hidden folder with Terminal-compatible versions of most of the retro games? Tetris, Pong, Snake and others are all there waiting to be played once more in 21st Century. Using some commands from the Terminal you will be able to play them endlessly without the fear of killing the battery life.

To start, open the Terminal in Applications > Utilities folder or search it using Spotlight. Type then emacs in the Terminal window; you will see appearing long lines of words about this command. Hit ESC on the keyboard and you will get a screen like this;

emacs Terminal command Read More…

Real Racing 3 is coming out on 28th February in a free-to-play formula

While Real Racing 3 is already available on three App Stores worldwide, it hasn’t been released yet on many others. The latest installment of the Real Racing series started by Firemint is totally different from the first two, because it’s going to be free to play.

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