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Steam server caching issue exposes user’s account details


Right on December 25th the popular computer gaming platform Steam has been struck by a server issue that led to the exposure of user’s account details to potentially anyone. People who had visited any Steam-affiliated link such as the Steam Store or the Community could find themselves viewing it as seen by someone else’s account.

Users weren’t actually logged in as others and no login password could have been stolen in the process. The cache server is one that’s between the user and the actual server hosted by Steam. They hold a copy of a webpage for the intended user and keep it stored there for quick loading; it only gets reloaded if in the meantime the page has changed. In this case the server would mix them up and deliver someone else’s cached page (including the account details one) to a stranger instead of their own. Read More…

Xbox One Elite Bundle to ship with 1TB Hybrid Drive and Elite Controller in October 2015

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

The Xbox division lined up a pretty good set of exclusives for holiday 2015 to catch up with its PS4 competitor, which currently outsells the One at 1:3 rate. Sony has done a whole lot of special editions for the PlayStation 4 themed for the most popular games, including an Ultimate Player edition that sports a 1TB hard disk instead of the stock 500GB. Aside from that, there’s no big difference compared to the regular version, in which you are even able to replace the HD by yourself without voiding the warranty.

Xbox One had its share of special editions, but the Elite Bundle that’s set to ship in October packs more than just a more capable drive, that you are not actually able to replace unlike the PS4. Anyway, you really don’t want to replace the Elite Edition one, in fact it will be a 1TB hybrid Hard Disk and SSD that will allow a way more reactive system, while still having enough room to house even the largest game collection. Considering that a current-gen game usually weights 30GB or more, the choice of an hybrid drive seems most logical. Read More…

Driveclub might be launched on 28th February 2014, Watch Dogs on March 21st

When Driveclub was announced to be delayed until early 2014 denied the Playstation 4 of a valuable asset as launch title to hypothetically counter react the success of Forza Motorsport 5, teasing awaiting players with short footage of gameplay. A title that promised to revolution driving simulation by making a social-based game where people can group in clubs, race together and show who’s got the best crew. A Reddit user shared a banner representing the pre-order of Driveclub for PS4. alongside a brief description and launch date.

Driveclub launch date Read More…

The PlayStation 4, a mix of power, fun and innovation.

On November 29th, the PlayStation 4 makes its arrival in Europe. The contender of Microsoft’s Xbox One presents itself in a slick opaque and lucid jet black with neat design highlights that shines under the TV.


The package

PS4 (package)

Alongside the PlayStation 4, in the box you’ll find a free, one year subscription to PlayStation Plus® that provides online data storage, early access to previews, Instant Game Collection  and to play online games on any PS4 system. One Dualshock 4 controller complete of an USB cable to charge it and mono headset with a microphone hooked up on it that has to be plugged in to the controller itself for participating to voice chats. Currently a very few existing headsets with mic are fully capable of working with the console, it’s a nice stopgap meanwhile. An HDMI cable,  and the AC cable.

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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: gaming isn’t everything now.

When we’ve first seen the Xbox 360 first and PlayStation 3, all we’ve cared was gaming; an open fight for which was the best console. After more than five years of evolution gaming was brought to another level and home entertainment reached higher “standard” levels. Who wins the showdown this time? Let’s start by giving  an overview of the technical specifications;

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 [infographics] Read More…

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