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Follow 2nd June WWDC 2014 livestream on your Apple TV.

Apple Events TV


Five thousand lucky developers have been extracted randomly to participate live to today WorldWide Developer Conference 2014 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. If you’ll be watching it at home, it has been added on your Apple TV the WWDC channel under the Apple Events tile. On top of already past events (even the launch of the very first iPhone) there’s highlighted 2nd June keynote, scheduled to kick off at 10am PDT, which should be at this time for your particular timezone.

For those who are unable to watch the event on Apple TV, it’s going to be streamed on Apple website as well.

Today are expected to be announced iOS 8 (whose banners have been already put in place at Moscone Center), a likely update to MacBook Air lineup including a possible 12-inch model, possibly new iMacs with new hardware although unlikely, considering the current generations has been released on fall 2013, just half a year. Additionally, we might see the long-rumored iWatch officially.

More’s to come today when WWDC 2014 starts!


In italiano

Cinquemila fortunati sviluppatori sono stati estratti a sorte per partecipare al WorldWide Developer Conference 2014 al Moscone Center di San Francisco. Se avrete intenzione di assistervi da casa, sappiate che è stato aggiunto sulla vostra Apple TV il canale del WWDC, sotto il tassello Apple Events. Oltre ad avere un elenco completo di tutti i keynote svolti negli anni (incluso quello del primissimo iPhone) è evidenziato quello di oggi programmato per le 10am PDT, cioè a questo orario per vostra zona oraria.

Per coloro invece che non sono in grado di assistervi dall’Apple TV, ricordo che sarà inoltre disponibile sul sito ufficiale di Apple.

Oggi sono attesi: il nuovo iOS 8 (i cui banner sono già stati messi in posizione al Moscone Center); un probabile aggiornamento alla linea di MacBook Air che potrebbe includere un nuovo modello da 12″; difficilmente vedremo una nuova serie di iMac, già lanciati a fine 2013. In aggiunta, non è da escludere la possibilità di vedere il tanto rumoreggiato iWatch.

Ne sapremo di più tra poco quando inizierà il WWDC 2014!

Apple kicks off WWDC 2014 on 2nd June 2014

As for any year, Apple will hold the annual Worldwide Developer Conference 2014 on June 2nd at Moscone West Center in San Francisco. Now you may think “Tickets get sold out so fast that I would hardly be able to have a chance of participating”. No, this year is going to be different. Instead of selling tickets like the usual first come is best served, there is going to be a lottery. That’s right, everyone will be given a fair chance of attending at this year WWDC by submitting an entry on Apple Developer website, requiring to be enrolled in one of the development programs between iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or Mac Developer Program

Hold on! There’s more. Not only working developers are eligible for the lottery. There are going to be two hundred Student Scholarships tickets reserved to students to give them too a chance of showcasing their work. In this case, they’ll only need to be registered as free Apple Developers (no enrollment required) and have created an app, which they’re supposed to be working on. A great chance to learn more about Apple’s development technologies.

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The new Xbox generation will be revealed on May 21 on live stream

After that the lights were pointed on the next-generation Playstation 4, Microsoft is taking its chance by announcing the next step for the Xbox console. After being through over ten years of evolution, the Xbox needed a huge boost to keep up with the PC market, widely recognized as the most flexible machine for gaming due to the extensive possibilities of setup and upgrading. Announcing the upcoming show-off of the Xbox is Microsoft itself, by streaming the event on xbox.com, Spike TV, Xbox LIVE platform and starting a #XboxReveal hashtag on Twitter which already counts tons of tweets.

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The new one column, Facebook Timeline is here; how to get it as soon as possible

The Facebook Timeline made upset many users after it replaced the old but gold Wall. With a new event, Zuckerberg presented the new Timeline, which features a complete restyle of how we know Facebook.

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Follow the today’s Apple Event Streaming starting at 10 a.m. PDT!

Another alert about the Apple Event: if you have the time, you can follow the live event streamed directly from Apple by connecting to this page of the Apple website. (if you want to know more about the iPad Mini, read this post 🙂 )

In Italiano

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