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Realmac is bringing Clear free for one day to fill the gap with Clear+


Do you like Clear?, I do. If so, you’ll be happy to know that Realmac (creators of RapidWeaver 5 between the others) are going to make Clear soon available for free on the App Store for 24 hours. Considering that it has never been made available in the past on the App Store, it would be the best moment to pick it up.

The purpose being of filling the gap between Clear and Clear+. When iOS 7 was officially released last autumn, Clear was removed from the App Store to make room for Clear+, a new universal application ready for it but with a tremendous spike in the neck, as it was a paid upgrade for users who already purchased the previous version. From that moment, the older one didn’t receive any further updates, nevertheless the people still on it. Read More…

All the 1.2 billion Facebook profile pictures in one, unique interactive picture.

Facebook Faces

Getting lost between friends is  easy. When it comes to looking at the whole number of subscribed people on Facebook grinding for someone you know is hard enough to make search engines look like ancient algorithms. The project named “The Faces of Facebook” from programmer Natalie Rojas puts every public profile picture in chronological order, all restrained to dimensions even smaller than a pixel on an iPhone’s Retina display. The result is a wall of mixed colors creating a retro effect of the first TVs. Don’t be harassed by privacy though; in no way personal info are gathered. Read More…

Apple releases public betas of Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iCloud

Today everyone got a hefty surprise on their accounts at icloud.com. More specifically, Apple decided to publicly release the online apps for Pages, Numbers and Keynote. These works seamlessly with iCloud and adds up the Web to supported platforms for iWork suite after OS X and iOS.

Read More…

WhatsApp Messenger is about to become a paid service for iOS, but only for new users.

Whatsapp Messenger (horizontal logo)

iPhone users always paid Whatsapp Messenger once from the App Store at 0,99$, and use it as long as you like without any additional cost in spite of Android. The app was sold free including one year of usage; after that you would have needed to pay an yearly subscription of 0,99$.

The new update, reaching version 2.10.1 doesn’t officially support in-app purchases yet, with only the addition of saving conversation on iCloud within Whatsapp > Settings > Chat Settings > chat backup.

The thing that started once again rumors about turning from paid to free, is that WhatsApp Messenger is currently sold for free on the App Store, indicating that the switch in their purchasing policy is imminent as they stated in their blog. Billing cycle is going to be identical to Android one (no more difference from iOS), with additional discounts for multi-year subscriptions. Read More…

MacX Video Converter Pro 4.0, full-fledged video converting solution, goes free until July 25th

MacX Video Converter Pro 4.0 Giveaway

Thanks to MacX Video Converter Pro reaching version 4.0, the creator Software House Digiarty decided to celebrate this new release by making it free for everyone until July 25th, normally sold at 49,95$.

But, what are we talking about? MacX Video Converter Pro represents an All In One solution for managing any sort of media file, even if just “Converter” doesn’t bring justice to it, since it goes beyond what its name let you understand. In fact, it features a complete, full-fledged option to download videos on YouTube; just paste the URL, choose file size and format and you’re ready to go. Personally, I’ve lost enough time searching for one that works like it should and finally I found it. Output videos are perfect and not altered from its uploaded counterpart on the website. Read More…

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