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Realmac is bringing Clear free for one day to fill the gap with Clear+


Do you like Clear?, I do. If so, you’ll be happy to know that Realmac (creators of RapidWeaver 5 between the others) are going to make Clear soon available for free on the App Store for 24 hours. Considering that it has never been made available in the past on the App Store, it would be the best moment to pick it up.

The purpose being of filling the gap between Clear and Clear+. When iOS 7 was officially released last autumn, Clear was removed from the App Store to make room for Clear+, a new universal application ready for it but with a tremendous spike in the neck, as it was a paid upgrade for users who already purchased the previous version. From that moment, the older one didn’t receive any further updates, nevertheless the people still on it. Read More…

WhatsApp Messenger is about to become a paid service for iOS, but only for new users.

Whatsapp Messenger (horizontal logo)

iPhone users always paid Whatsapp Messenger once from the App Store at 0,99$, and use it as long as you like without any additional cost in spite of Android. The app was sold free including one year of usage; after that you would have needed to pay an yearly subscription of 0,99$.

The new update, reaching version 2.10.1 doesn’t officially support in-app purchases yet, with only the addition of saving conversation on iCloud within Whatsapp > Settings > Chat Settings > chat backup.

The thing that started once again rumors about turning from paid to free, is that WhatsApp Messenger is currently sold for free on the App Store, indicating that the switch in their purchasing policy is imminent as they stated in their blog. Billing cycle is going to be identical to Android one (no more difference from iOS), with additional discounts for multi-year subscriptions. Read More…

iTunes App Store celebrates 5th birthday making free these top selling apps

Only on the App Store

With more than 50 billion downloads reached, iTunes App Store celebrates 5th year of activity. First, Apple sent to journalist several posters showing on a timeline all the major hits it has reached over the past years since it has opened.

To give a head start to celebrations of such a milestone, many from the most top selling apps ever on the App Store have gone free for a limited time. These titles ranges from Infinity Blade II, highly acclaimed RPG running Epic Games’ Unreal engine, Tiny Wings, which was the Game of the Year and Where’s my Water, 25th billion downloaded app. Feel like going beyond them? Apple has created a new gallery of apps named “Only on the App Store” featuring some of the most desirable applications for your iPhone or iPad, from New Releases to Games and Apps. Read More…

Onavo Protect will secure browsing from iPhone and iPad

Probably you’re now thinking that “iPhone is bulletproof from viruses”. That’s right, sandboxing makes impossible for any applications to interfere with other ones. But this doesn’t mean that you’re safe from scam, phishing and fake websites; it’s still up to you to decide whether trust something or not. After Onavo Extend for cellular data compression, and Onavo Count for data usage, here it comes for the iPhone Onavo Protect, a new app that enables live protection across all networks. Read More…

Countdown for 50th billion apps downloaded has started. 10.000$ iTunes Card and more…

50th billion apps App Store

After passing the 40th billion app downloaded milestone, the App Store started yesterday the countdown for the 50th billion app downloaded. Prize for the lucky winner? Nothing less than a iTunes Gift Card for a value of 10.000$, enough to make you purchase everything you ever wanted. This time there won’t be just one prize up for grabs; in fact, those who will download one of the fifty app after the milestone has been reached, you’ll be eligible for a 500$ iTunes Card (yes, it is 1/20 of the first one but still a great gift). Read More…

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