Hi everyone,

Just, uhm… a couple of words, we never liked long-lasting presentations, which results boring and then useless.

I’m Riccardo Manta, author of WiredWide and seventeen years old.

I’m currently a student, living in Italy. As a very personal work, I decided to open a blog, and after some serious hours of brainstorming, I founded WiredWide. The name says pretty much. It’s made from two english words, “wired”, and “wide”, which together means widely connected. In fact, you will find news oriented to any kind of subjects, going from App reviews, news and tutorials. This blog is getting updated by a passion for blogging and technology, and I believe that if you can mix them together, the result you can get is thrilling.

So that’s it,

Happy browsing on WW!

For any further question, feel free to use the “Contacts” page to get in touch!


4 responses to “About”

  1. Salvatore says :

    Raccontami le ultime novità della apple… rumors! grazie… se puoi e vuoi naturalmente, Salvatore

  2. sandro says :

    chiokero non si dice scannerizzazione ma semplicemente “scansione”
    …….bello riccardo bravo un saluto da sandro


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