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iPhone 6S and 6S Plus #chipgate is this year’s hoax, just like the precedent…


It has become a trend; while Apple announces record sales for the new iPhones, there has to be somebody who’s ready to point the finger at everything that might not be working properly. The iPhone 6 bendgate has been demonstrated to be an overly exaggerated reaction to somebody who liked to try bending their device, which is definitely not a smart thing to do. For those who complained about the iPhone bending in their pockets, consider you are on the Internet: you do not know what the user had done with the phone itself. There are many who simply seek a short burst of popularity, and most of the Web surfers are easy to take sides. Read More…

The iPhone 6S’ 2GB of RAM do wonders compared to previous generations

As a rule of thumb, nowadays any computer should be fitted with at least 8GB of RAM to ensure a smooth experience as it gets older. Smartphones on the other side are much smaller and less powerful than a fully fledged computer: as a result, they don’t need as much power.

Anyway, up until the iPhone 6, all the iterations of iPhone lineup did never go beyond the 1 GB of RAM. The 4S, which is currently the oldest supported iPhone to date, has 512 MB which are hardly enough to carry the burden of the newest iOS. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus truly changed everything that’s inside the device: 3D Touch, 4K video recording, faster performance, you name them… RAM included. Read More…

iPad Pro: the latest iteration of hybrid notebooks aimed at professionals


If we’d start by simply listing the specifications of the new iPad Pro you might just say “hey, isn’t that a notebook?“. A cover that works also like a hardware keyboard, 12,9″ Retina Display that houses even more pixels than a 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, 4  audio speakers that adapt to the device’s orientation to provide the best sound possible, a CPU that’s desktop class, same goes for the GPU, El Capitan-like multitasking, up to 128GB flash. Only the 3D Touch screen may hint you that we’re speaking about a tablet.

An iPad for professionals

While the iPad Air has not been updated, the new iPad Pro isn’t meant for the everyday user, and probably not even ideal to be carried around unless it can replace your notebook. The 12,9″ display is that big, about the size of a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina’s clamshell, just thicker to house all the horsepower and light enough to be held with one hand.

Also for the first time ever, Apple came up with its own keyboard that folds with the cover and a stylus named Apple Pencil specifically made for the iPad Pro that’s sensible to different kind of pressures and inclinations to further enhance tasks like creative drawing. Multitasking allows side-by-side applications seamlessly, and the wide display fits a fully sized keyboard just like laptop ones. Read More…

Xbox One Elite Bundle to ship with 1TB Hybrid Drive and Elite Controller in October 2015

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

The Xbox division lined up a pretty good set of exclusives for holiday 2015 to catch up with its PS4 competitor, which currently outsells the One at 1:3 rate. Sony has done a whole lot of special editions for the PlayStation 4 themed for the most popular games, including an Ultimate Player edition that sports a 1TB hard disk instead of the stock 500GB. Aside from that, there’s no big difference compared to the regular version, in which you are even able to replace the HD by yourself without voiding the warranty.

Xbox One had its share of special editions, but the Elite Bundle that’s set to ship in October packs more than just a more capable drive, that you are not actually able to replace unlike the PS4. Anyway, you really don’t want to replace the Elite Edition one, in fact it will be a 1TB hybrid Hard Disk and SSD that will allow a way more reactive system, while still having enough room to house even the largest game collection. Considering that a current-gen game usually weights 30GB or more, the choice of an hybrid drive seems most logical. Read More…

iPad Pro allegedly confirmed coming out soon with 12,9″ Retina display and Stylus

iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

Here it comes the first tangible proof that an iPad Pro may be real. The new iPad was first discovered by an analysis company, then more recently confirmed by Appsee, specialized in app tracking, that sighted down a model identified as iPad6,8 which does not correspond to any iPad released as of now.

Data shows a screen resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels; if we suppose that the new iPad will have the same pixels per inch (ppi) density of 263, like the other Retina iPads, the screen diagonal would turn out to be 12,9″, wider even than the newly released ultra-thin MacBook. Furthermore in iOS 9 betas the iPad6,8 identifier has already been spotted, along with an extended software keyboard that is unlikely to match the dimensions of any current iPad, as well as repeated rumors of an upcoming, never seen before iPad. Read More…

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