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How to create a highlight reel of your best tweets with no effort using Vizify

VizifyYour Twitter timeline is so populated of tweets made in the past years that creates just a massive, plain archive. What if you can create a short and beautiful video of the best your profile has to offer? You can make that in the old way taking ages finding the best content or using Vizify which has recently partnered with Twitter for creating immediate clips about trending topics on your profile, best followers and so.

To start just head over, authorize the app to access your data. Then wait a few second for a first video to be created. After that you can simply change background music, clips and even add or remove something that you don’t actually want to show off publicly. Read More…

All you need to know about how Facebook Graph Search works before you get your hands on it.

Graph Search banner

Facebook Graph Search was introduced back in March with a special event hosted by Facebook. Started with a closed beta, users could get early access by signing up for a waiting list; the sooner you apply, the the sooner you get access. Don’t want to wait to discover what Graph Search offers? Here’s everything you need to know before it gets released.

The major change from the old system is that now search is contextual; what you write works as filters to process the results, like Siri with the only difference that you don’t use the voice. You can start with simple phrases, and add details as you need them and create complex sentences to elaborate the query. On my personal profile, if I try to search “Games my friends who live nearby play that I play” Facebook gives me a list of games that friends who geographically live near me play, and at the same time in common.
Read More…

Facebook launches Facebook Home, Android-based social experience


It had to happen someday. Facebook went beyond iOS, Android, WP by releasing Facebook Home. It’s not a new smartphone or an OS, but a new experience focused to bring Facebook in system-wide capabilities. A wise move counting that building a phone itself would have meant to enter in competition with a large scale of market already occupied by well-known trademarks and keep the hardware constantly updated. With over one billion of users that are already steady using other platforms, it would have been hard to bring Home between them. Read More…

The new one column, Facebook Timeline is here; how to get it as soon as possible

The Facebook Timeline made upset many users after it replaced the old but gold Wall. With a new event, Zuckerberg presented the new Timeline, which features a complete restyle of how we know Facebook.

Schermata 2013-03-10 alle 20.15.35 Read More…

Twitter kills TweetDeck applications; the retiring will start in May

TweetDeck wasn’t property of Twitter at first. It started as a paid service ending up to be acquired by Twitter, which made it free for everyone. The column-based experience was a great hit, but starting from May, TweetDeck will disappear from the mobile devices scene.

The only way we will be able to use it is from the web version. The trend showed that TweetDeck is most likely used on computers, while when users are on mobile they stick with the most popular official Twitter app, which introduced Instagram-like features for postings pictures in seconds. Focusing on a single platform will help to invest effort to provide an unique experience.  Read More…

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