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Onavo Protect will secure browsing from iPhone and iPad

Probably you’re now thinking that “iPhone is bulletproof from viruses”. That’s right, sandboxing makes impossible for any applications to interfere with other ones. But this doesn’t mean that you’re safe from scam, phishing and fake websites; it’s still up to you to decide whether trust something or not. After Onavo Extend for cellular data compression, and Onavo Count for data usage, here it comes for the iPhone Onavo Protect, a new app that enables live protection across all networks. Read More…

Gtdagenda is the best way to keep your calendar organized.

Alright, planning things ahead is a difficult task. There are countless of applications out there that focuses on scheduling. If just writing things down is not sufficient and paper doesn’t cut it, then Gtdagenda (name says everything) is definitely what you’re looking for.

Image Read More…

Napkin is the ultimate app for communicating visually on a Mac

The most known software on the Mac for quick editing images, is the “stock” Preview app. Everything that you need to do for applying last-second effects are Napkin logo
summarized in a little bar. Although Preview is not enough when you really want to highlight something or to communicate visually using shapes and drawings. If this was your question when you stumbled upon here, then look no further than Napkin, a newly released application on the Mac App Store, which is really simple to use and yet remarkably powerful developed by Aged & Distilled.

Napkin opens up with a blank canvas and a full sized toolbar, which includes all the commands you are going to use. Right, everything is there, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of Napkin. At your first launch, there are some quick tips and video tutorials to help you get started.

The greatest feature of Napkin is that the mouse is like a pencil. If you want to draw a circle, simply (try) to do one and Napkin will automatically create one based on the dimensions you gave to it. Same thing happens for lines and strokes, which are drawn instantly on the canvas. The toolbar provides quick access to the most common functions you’re going to use. Start adding text, images and edit them later. If you encounter some trouble, Napkin provides a quick help showed as a small “?” icon, just in case you need to remember something.

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If you already think that Napkin is fantastic, then you still have to see one more thing, called Call-Out. Call-Outs allows you to zoom a certain part of an element on the canvas. Just drag and drop the icon inside the Call-out on any element, and Napkin will automatically highlight it.

Going to the right side of the toobar, we have our common commands for the overall layout; group them, send them backwards or onwards and lock them to prevent accidental movements. Then we find the Mountain Lion’s Sharing Sheets and the .png pip, which you can drag and drop anywhere to create immediately a file of your work without the need of saving in somewhere.

Napkin is available on the Mac App Store for 40$ (36,99€). Price might look high for you, but this is definitely the best, most simple to use yet ultimate app to communicate visually your thoughts and ideas to the world within minutes.

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What are Facebook Pokes and how to use the new app

No one ever used Facebook Pokes, neither were interested in learning about them. Technically, you send a Poke to a person which is not your friend on Facebook when you want to see it’s profile for a few days. If you send one to one who is already your friend, you’re actually greeting him.

These Pokes on my side were totally useless, because if I want to see someones profile I just  send a friend request; when it comes to say “hello”, there is the chat. So what’s wrong about them? Nothing, is just that they’re almost unknown.

Facebook launched a third app called “Facebook Pokes”, which does another type of work. For example, you want to send a nice photo to your friend, but at the same time don’t want him to share again with the world, because he will have only a limited time to see it. Then, it will automatically disappear. That’s right, it will self-destruct. You can choose between a Message, Picture or a Video and then make it available privately (?) to one of your contact.

Because Pokes will have life for only few seconds, the app doesn’t support the landscape orientation. Though for concentrating the attention of the recipient, you can add some drawings to your picture as well.

At this point you would say “there is the Home+Sleep Button, I can save it on the Camera Roll!”. Yes, but the sender will be informed with a flashing icon on your name, so he will know what you did.

Facebook Poke is available on the App Store for free, you can download it from here and start poking.

In Italiano

Quasi nessuno ha mai usato i Poke di Facebook, e forse nemmeno era interessato a sapere cosa fossero. Tecnicamente, quando mandate un poke ad una persona è per vedere il suo profilo per un periodo limitato; se questa invece era già nel vostro elenco contatti, allora un poke era come mandare un saluto.

I Poke dalla mia parte erano totalmente inutili, in quanto se volevo vedere il profilo di qualcuno mandavo semplicemente una richiesta di amicizia. Se volevo salutare per quello c’era la chat. Quindi cosa non andava bene su di essi? Niente, è solo che erano quasi sconosciuti ad un utente medio.

Facebook ha lanciato quindi una terza app, chiamata Facebook Poke, che svolge un’altro tipo di lavoro. Per esempio, volete inviare una foto ad un vostro amico, ma allo stesso tempo non volete che possa condividerlo con il mondo, poiché avrà solo un periodo limitato di tempo per vederlo. Dopodiché, esso scomparirà. Esattamente, si autodistruggeranno. Potete scegliere se inviare messaggi, Immagini o Video per renderli disponibili privatamente (?) ad un contatto.

Dal momento che i Poke hanno vita solo per pochi secondi, l’applicazione non supporta l’orientamento in landscape. Tuttavia si possono aggiungere dei disegni alle immagini per concentrare l’attenzione del destinatario.

A questo punto vi direte “c’è il pulsante Home+Stand-by, posso salvare l’immagine nel Rullino Foto!”. Si, potete, ma il mittente sarà informato a riguardo con una icona lampeggiante di fianco al vostro nome, quindi sapranno quello che avete fatto.

Facebook Poke è disponibile sull’App Store, e può essere scaricata da qui.

Hype, HTML5 animation now for everyone

Face it, learning a language isn’t easy, especially if we’re talking about computers, and HTML5 is not easy. Though, if you want to get professional results but at the same time don’t want to spend hours coding, then Hype is definitely what you need.

Hype HTML5 animations and main window

Hype organizes your project is Scenes, which are going to be your webpages. Right down we find the Timeline where we can adjust the timing for our effects. Animations are controlled by Keyframes. You can use them manually to get exactly what you want immediately, or use the Record Animation button; Hype will automatically create all the needed keyframes to get the desired result as you move your Timeline around.

Every object has it’s own set of animations, controlled in the Properties pane right down the Timeline. You can easily add whatever it suits to you from a complete set, ready to be combined to get beautiful effects. Then we have the inspector, which allows to do visual editing on everything on the scene, from text to images and links.

The main advantage of Hype is that it’s perfect to be used as a WYSIWYG editor, using guidelines, squares and links to build a complete HTML5 ready website.

When you’re done, Hype can easily export your final work as HTML5 in a folder, ready to be uploaded on your FTP server or Dropbox. There is even integration with iBooks Author HTML5 Widget as well if you’re creating an dynamic book.

Another great feature of Hype is that it can actually alert about compatibility issues with browsers like Safari, Android, iOS, Opera, Firefox and Chrome, so you won’t get disappointed if there is something that needs to be fixed in order to work properly.

Now, for the very first time, we’re featuring a video review of Hype available on YouTube!


In Italiano

Detto chiaramente, imparare un linguaggio non è facile, specialmente se si parla di computer, e l’HTML5 è tutt’altro che una passeggiata. Tuttavia, se volete ottenere dei risultati professionali in poco tempo e senza spendere ore a scrivere codice, allora Hype è esattamente quello cercate.

Hype organizza il vostro progetto in scene,che saranno le vostre pagine web. Sotto troviamo la Timeline in cui possiamo settare i tempi dei vari effetti che andremo ad applicare. Tutte le animazioni, sono gestite attraverso dei Keyframe. Possono essere gestiti manualmente per ottenere esattamente quello che cercate, oppure attraverso il pulsante di Record; questo dirà a Hype di registrare tutto quello che accade nella Scena in base a come muovete la Timeline, creando automaticamente i Keyframe necessari.

Tutti gli elementi hanno il proprio set di animazioni, controllate nella barra delle Proprietà appena sotto la Timeline. Possono essere aggiunte con un semplice click da un set completo di effetti, pronti per essere combinati tra loro in modo tale da ottenere risultati spettacolari. Troviamo quindi l’Inspector, che permette di modificare visualmente gli elementi presenti nella Scena.

Il vantaggio più grande di Hype è che risulta perfetto per essere usato come un editor WYSIWYG, mediante l’uso di guide, quadrati e link per costruire un sito interamente in HTML5.

Quando avrete finito, Hype può esportare tutto il lavoro in un unica cartella contenente il codice già compilato e pronto per essere caricato su un server FTP, Dropbox o come Widget HTML5 in iBooks Author.

Un’altra funzionalità interessante di Hype è di essere in grado di riconoscere eventuali problemi di visualizzazione su browser come Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android, così da non rimanere frustrati se qualcosa va storto mentre lavorate.

E ora, per la prima volta, ecco una videorecensione in italiano di Hype sul nostro canale YouTube!

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