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The PlayStation 4, a mix of power, fun and innovation.

On November 29th, the PlayStation 4 makes its arrival in Europe. The contender of Microsoft’s Xbox One presents itself in a slick opaque and lucid jet black with neat design highlights that shines under the TV.


The package

PS4 (package)

Alongside the PlayStation 4, in the box you’ll find a free, one year subscription to PlayStation Plus® that provides online data storage, early access to previews, Instant Game Collection  and to play online games on any PS4 system. One Dualshock 4 controller complete of an USB cable to charge it and mono headset with a microphone hooked up on it that has to be plugged in to the controller itself for participating to voice chats. Currently a very few existing headsets with mic are fully capable of working with the console, it’s a nice stopgap meanwhile. An HDMI cable,  and the AC cable.

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How the Lost Mode works on iOS 7 devices and iCloud

One of the biggest changes involved in the iOS 7 update came out this week is the Lost Mode in iCloud. Lost Mode allows any device connected to your own Apple ID to be locked down with a 4 digit PIN code and seamlessly track its movements on the map. But how secure this can be? And how does it work?

How to activate the Lost Mode

Lost Mode can be activated only through Find my iPhone, either on or from the iOS app, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. After having selected the lost device, you have three options. Play Sound, Erase, and Lost Mode. Play sound simply makes the device ring an alarm even if it is silenced or audio is muted, while Erase will delete every content on it, even if after doing so it will be impossible to locate it again.

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MacX Video Converter Pro 4.0, full-fledged video converting solution, goes free until July 25th

MacX Video Converter Pro 4.0 Giveaway

Thanks to MacX Video Converter Pro reaching version 4.0, the creator Software House Digiarty decided to celebrate this new release by making it free for everyone until July 25th, normally sold at 49,95$.

But, what are we talking about? MacX Video Converter Pro represents an All In One solution for managing any sort of media file, even if just “Converter” doesn’t bring justice to it, since it goes beyond what its name let you understand. In fact, it features a complete, full-fledged option to download videos on YouTube; just paste the URL, choose file size and format and you’re ready to go. Personally, I’ve lost enough time searching for one that works like it should and finally I found it. Output videos are perfect and not altered from its uploaded counterpart on the website. Read More…

iOS 7 beta 3: all the bugs and fixes found in this update compared to beta 2

iPhone 5 iOS 7

Time for another showdown for iOS 7, now with the turn of beta 3. Prior to read this post, try having a look at lacks of beta 2 to better understand the following. We’re going to talk about the most recent seeds released to developers, giving anyway a user-side opinion after a common usage of an iPhone 4S for a few days. Read More…

iOS 7 beta 2: all the bugs and issues encountered as of now

When we talked about iOS 7 beta 1, despite the gorgeous looks it lacked stability and performance. With beta 2, we seen there were several improvements on points like speed and reactivity. However, iOS 7 beta 2, for us at least, is far from being perfect. In this article, after two weeks of extensive, everyday usage on iPhone 4S we’re going to cover pros and cons met in these days. For this reason, we highly suggest you to read this post.

Unfortunately, iOS 7 Beta 2 is not what we were expecting. It is surely a step forward in the right direction considering its development stage, yet currently not as stable as iOS 6 used to be and not bulletproof against bugs either.

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