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Microsoft announces Windows 8.1 awaited for end of the year; releases public preview for free.

Windows 8.1 logo

At San Francisco’s Moscone Center (where Apple always keeps keynotes), Microsoft steps up on the stage to present the first major update for Windows, reaching version 8.1 “Blue”. More focused on “touch”, tries to catch up once more after a discrete success. First and foremost comes back the Start, a lack that left users upset after years in the bottom left of the screen, no more the need of pulling down the desktop to close it. It isn’t the menu you were expecting though because essentially the new Start is a shortcut to go to Modern UI faster. Read More…

Microsoft launches Xbox One; open fight with PlayStation 4 high-end hardware coming late this year

This week Microsoft announced the next step in Xbox history, named Xbox One. A black, squared opaque box almost without buttons, slightly changed pad, bigger Kinect with an essential design said to be ready for a new frontier of gaming. The Xbox One is not “just” a console anymore, more an all-in-one home entertainment center placed under the TV.

Kinect has been enhanced representing the most important feature of Xbox One, by receiving voice controls such “Xbox On” and the minimum gesture making the pad useless. Interactivity is handled by Skype, now property of Microsoft and deeply integrated into the OS, which is, heavily based on Windows 8 mosaic-style interface and cloud services.

Tailored for gaming, under the hood we have tech-specs of a high-end computer and at the same time close to PlayStation 4 ones. 8-core x86 CPU, ATI graphics 1.2 TFLOPS GPU, 500GB hard disk storage, 8GB of RAM and the awaited Blu-Ray drive, probably the biggest lack Xbox 360 had due to high dimensions DVD and low quality video output.  Read More…

How to block the execution of a program on Windows 7 with System’s Register

You have a number of application on your PC, but you don’t want some of them to be executed by everyone who is going to use your computer when you can’t control it. There are several ways to block a program from being executed on Windows 7. One of them, which doesn’t require any additional software or particular skills, is using the System’s Register to avoid an application to be launched.

This tutorial is only for information purposes. WiredWide is not resposible of any possible damages made to System’s Register by the user and/or unwanted issue provoked.

First, you need to open the Register editor, named “regedit”. Open the Start menu and type “regedit” in the search bar. Note that to be executed you need to be an administrator.

You will se a window like this one:

Image Read More…

Nokia engineer hacks Windows 8 in-app purchase system

A Nokia engineer who works on Windows Phones, Justin Angel, hacked the in-app purchase system for games running on the latest version of  Microsoft’s OS Windows 8, showing how you can actually use the hack to bypass the Store.

The Verge reported that the process might be quite hard for an average user, but it isn’t surely a great news for Redmond. Plus, according to Angel, there are a variety of ways to hack Windows games, which are almost always the target of hackers trying to manipulate keys and line of code. The way of how you can bypass the in-app system is to store on your machine the cripted data with the algorithm, which is essential for security accidents.

If you want to find out more, here’s a link to Angel’s website.

Source | The Verge

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Windows 8 Pro Media Center available for free thanks to a bug

(This post is only for information purposes)

Thinking about upgrading your PC to Windows 8 but you weren’t sure about it? Well, in these hours thanks to a bug, Windows 8 Pro can be installed on computer without the need of a original copy.

Maybe you already know about it, but Windows 8 Pro came with a free upgrade to the Media Center edition until the 31 of January. Pirates used a Keys Management System to make a license work, but this required that it had to be reactivated on a regular basis, so it would have been free only for a limited period of time. Using the Media Center upgrade, the key provided with it can activate a copy of Windows 8 because Microsoft simply doesn’t check again the previous license key. Basically, you go from a pirated copy of Windows 8 to a legitimate one.

In order to get a free Media Center upgrade you have to visit Microsoft’s website. Instead, if you want to know all the differences about the Windows 8 editions, simply read this post.


Source | WindowsWave


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