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Google Reader is shutting down the first of July; “usage of Google Reader has declined”

Google Reader

The news feed aggregator by Mountain View is shutting down the first of July. In the years it had an extremely big success thanks to the versatility and the number of clients available for every platform out there. Launched quite on late considering the advent of RSS, Reader got a loyal base to stand on. On the other side, usage decreased having not as much users as before.

There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience. Read More…

Google Images will totally change in a few days; all you need to know about it

When you need to search for something you use Google. If you need an Image, you go on Google Images. Today on the Webmaster Blog, Google announced that in the next few days, Google Images will totally change look, focusing on providing more information about the photo you’re looking at instead of the source itself, giving metadatas a bigger relevance in the search. Keyboard shortcuts were enabled for a faster browsing, and results will appear in a inline panel in order to give a more reliable experience. (You may recall this from iTunes 11 and the Album View)

The upcoming Google Images

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Google celebrates Zamboni’s birthday with a sleek ice-smoothing machine doodle

Google Doodle Frank Zamboni

Google doodles are almost always epic, like the Pac-Man one which is still available since all the people who visited Google’s homepage only to endless play it.

Today Google made another surprise celebrating Frank Zamboni’s 112 birthday, creator of the first ice-smoothing machine which was immediately adopted in hockey matches in the USA.

In fact in this doodle you will “drive” a Zamboni smoothing machine to clean up the mess made by skaters in a 8-bit videogame.

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Google Fiber will revolution your browsing experience (and speed)


Google doesn’t want to be an Internet Provider, but only wants to give a boost to other ISP around the globe right from Kansas City.

The Google Fiber option although is actually a breakthrough speaking of Internet speeds, providing speed up to 1 Gigabit in both downloads and uploads, crystal clear TV channel in just a second.

Google Fiber comes in three different plans. First one, gigabit + TV gives you Fiber, full channel TV lineup at 120$ per month with a Nexus 7 tablet and 1TB upgrade for Google Drive in a two-year contract. Then comes the Gigabit Internet, same as before but without the TV connection and the Nexus 7 as a one-year contract. A third one, which is even more groundbreaking in a sense, is Free Internet. You will only need to pay 300$ as a construction fee to enjoy unlimited Internet with no data cap up to 7 years, with speeds up to 5MB in download and 1MB in upload. If you want to upgrade to Fiber later, there’s no need for further equipment.

For instance, let’s say that you can have a real download speed of 1Gb. You will be able to download OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in 4 seconds, a Blue Ray DVD in less than 7 seconds and FCPX in just 0,2 seconds, so you won’t even see the download progress bar. A speed like that in videogames means no lagging and zero latency, with a full-fledged optic fiber.


In Italiano

Google non vuole diventare un Internet Provider, ma solo dare una spinta agli altri ISP intorno al mondo da Kansas City.

Google Fiber è senza dubbio una innovazione parlando di velocità di navigazione, che si aggirano intorno ai 1 Gigabit sia in download che un upload, canali TV chiari come il cristallo in HD nel giro di pochi istanti.

Google Fiber si propone con tre diversi piani. Il primo, Gigabit + TV, comprende Fiber e linea TV completa a 120$ al mese, con in più un Nexus 7 e 1TB di spazio su Google Drive sotto contratto biennale. Segue Gigabit Internet, lo stesso del precedente ma senza la connessione TV e il Nexus 7 come contratto annuale. Una terza opzione, che in un certo senso è ancora più fenomenale, è Free Internet per chiunque. Si pagano 300$ come costo per l’impianto, per avere Internet gratuito e illimitato fino a sette anni, ad una velocità di 5MB in download e 1MB in upload. Se si desidera passare a Fiber in futuro, non ci sarà bisogno di ulteriori apparecchiature.

Per esempio, ipotizziamo che avete una velocità di download di 1Gb reali al secondo. Potreste scaricare OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in 4 secondi, un DVD Blue Ray in meno di 7 secondi e FCPX in soli 0,2 secondi, per cui non vedrete nemmeno la barra di avanzamento. Una velocità tale nei videogiochi significa nessun lag e latenza zero, con una fibra ottica full-optional.

Google Maps is now available for iPhone

Remember Apple Maps, that pre-installed application which was designed by Apple? It was criticized for a long time, and in Australia the Govern actually deprecated its use to citizens for some huge mistakes. If you were expecting for Google Maps to strike back in iOS, well here it is, with StreetView (doesn’t need presentations), Turn-by-turn navigation and even more. Minimal design, gestures, streamlined interface integrates perfectly with all the power delivered by the new app from Google.

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