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Apple and Google sign a cease-fire to stop lawsuits

Google HQ

Apple and Google finally signed a historical truce to put an end to the countless number of lawsuits they had in these years. The announce has came from a joint press, that explains how all ongoing and soon to take place lawsuits are over with no one winning the cases. With a grand total of around 200 lawsuits since 2010, both Apple and Google can take a break from the galactic expenses these battle have led. However, there isn’t going to be an exchange of technologies, which were at the center of the controversies.

The first lawsuit took place back in 2010, when Motorola (now a Google’s division) accused Apple of stealing patents regarding mobile communication; in response, Apple suited them back for stealing technologies regarding the same products.


However, this cease-fire does not include Samsung. Maybe searching for an agreement for Apple was a better choice, in order to divert more attention to its direct rival, whose Android-based products have been defined as “stolen products” by Steve Jobs.

Anyway, it should be noted how these days everyone patents even the smallest possible invention, feature or whatever someone might get to think about after we did. Quoting 2010’s film The Social Network, “if I want to build a chair, I don’t have to pay everyone who has ever built a chair”, a line that quite applies nowadays. Even the very fundamental technologies that permits the basic functionality of a smartphone, like connectivity have to be licensed for use. This complicated web of patents and licenses could apply years ago, when technology that now we consider common was still experimental or rudimental; now that they’ve reached a wide diffusion worldwide, it doesn’t make sense anymore.



In Italiano

Apple e Google hanno finalmente siglato uno storico accordo che pone fine alle infinite cause portate avanti negli anni. L’annuncio è stato fatto con un comunicato congiunto, che spiega come tutte le cause sia prossime ad aver luogo, sia quelle in corso, saranno terminate senza alcun vincitore. Con un totale di circa 200 processi dal 2010, Apple e Google possono prendere una pausa dalle spese astronomiche a cui hanno portato queste battaglie legali. Tuttavia, non ci sarà nessuno scambio di tecnologie, che erano al centro delle controversie.

La prima causa ebbe luogo nel 2010 ad opera di Motorola (ora una divisione Google), quando accuso Apple di aver rubato brevetti riguardanti la comunicazione mobile; di tutta risposta, Apple fece ricorso accusando Motorola di aver rubato tecnologie dai dispositivi di Cupertino.

Tuttavia, la tregua non include anche Samsung. Forse la ricerca di un accordo per Apple è stata la scelta migliore, per dirigere maggiore attenzione sul proprio diretto rivale, i cui dispositivi Android sono stati definiti “prodotti rubati” da Steve Jobs all’epoca.

Dobbiamo comunque sottolineare come, di questi tempi, ognuno pensa a brevettare anche la più piccola invenzione, funzionalità o altro a cui qualcuno possa pensare dopo di noi. Citando il film del 2010 The Social Network, “Se voglio costruire una sedia non devo dare soldi a chiunque abbia costruito una sedia”, una frase che trova applicazione adesso. Anche le tecnologie fondamentali che permettono le funzionalità di base di uno smartphone, come la connettività, devono essere licenziate da qualcuno. Questa complicata rete di brevetti poteva avere senso anni fa, quando la tecnologia che ora consideriamo comune era ancora ai primi stadi di sviluppo; ora che hanno raggiunto una diffusione globale, ha perso di senso.


Gmail introduces Tabs for automatic Inbox filtering (and how to disable it).


The new Gmail tabbed browsing system split users in those who like it, and those who wants back the common Inbox. Gmail tabs organizes automatically new messages in up to 5 different tabs:

  • Primary: Just for general emails that doesn’t fit the tabs listed below.
  • Social: For emails regarding news from social networks, like Facebook notifications, Twitter mentions, YouTube digests.
  • Promotions: The other part of spam, this tab groups newsletters that you’re subscribed at, mainly commercial websites.
  • Updates: An example here can be Google Alert, or any other sort of updates like weekly emails from information websites or whatever you feel like going here.
  • Forum: Forum communities emails that you’re registered at go here. Read More…

Google remembers 66th years of Roswell incident with an interactive doodle (how to solve it)

Google Doodle Roswell incident

Google is use to make funny doodle in occasion of special events or anniversaries. Today is time for the 66th years of Roswell incident, featuring an UFO crash landing on the planet, with the quest of finding the three pieces fell on the ground.

Roswell accident

Precisely on the 8th July 1947, something airborne crashed near the New Mexico city of Roswell. Explanation of where the pieces found on the area are official and unofficial, and made this news famous around the world. The official conclusion of the story was that a military surveillance balloon crashed on the ground, but some people were sure about the retrieve of extraterrestrial life and object at Roswell. Read More…

Project Loon; this is how Google wants to bring Internet worldwide using aerostatics balloons

Forget the advanced fibre channel or fast 3G modem and think outside the box; at the moment, most of world countries cannot have Internet access. For Google the next step for bringing the Internet worldwide is not made of pylons for mobile connectivity.

There are many geographical obstacles such mountains, jungles, islands, lakes and stuff and to solve these kind of issues, Google came up with a curious idea by taking  the challenge above the surface; bring at twice the altitude where commercial airplane flies aerostatics balloons to spread the Web around the globe. Difficulty about this project is well known, and the “Loon” name is not a coincidence; nevertheless, in New Zealand Google has already started testing and first results are encouraging for improving this new technology. Read More…

Google tributes 37th year anniversary of Atari Breakout with a special doodle

When video gaming was still at the beginning, the best games you could have imagined to play were made of plain colors, in 2D environment unlike today’s ones which are near the reality. Google now pays tribute for Atari’s legendary game “Breakout”. If you try searching on Google Images “Atari Breakout”, the result will end up from a brief loading before the search turns in a online game. Target is really simple; all you need to do is break the lines of wall by hitting them with the bar and avoid it to fall from the screen. Sounds too simple, but these kinds of games were venerated half century ago, where there weren’t powerful engines like now.

Image Read More…

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