Apple: Buyers’ Guide

Buying a new iPhone or iMac is great, but you definitely do not want to buy something that’s due for an update in the immediate future. Here you can see if you’re going for a safe buy or if you should wait some time to get the bang for the buck. Apple however is the only one who knows what and when is going to update a product, so we take no responsibility for eventually wrong predictions. Anyway the guide represents an accurate polestar for your purchases: if you need any further clarification feel free to ask using the Contacts page or just by leaving a comment.

This is the legend we’re going to use:

  • Green: Safe, odds are with you;
  • Yellow: Risky, you should wait if possible;
  • Red: Unsafe, you should avoid buying it at all costs.



Last updated: September 2014
Next update: September 9th, 2015
You should avoid buying the current iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The next generation is right around the corner.

iPad Pro


Last updated: September 2015 (first generation)
Next update: September 2016
The iPad Pro has just been announced, coming out on November 2015.

iPad Air


Last updated: October 2014
Next update: September 2016
The iPad Air is due for an update, but it has not received an update alongside the iPad Pro introduction, nor it seems likely that’ll receive an update anytime soon.

iPad mini


Last updated: September 2015
Next update: September 2016
The iPad mini 4 has just been introduced, safe buy.

iPod Touch


Last updated: July 2015
Next update: Mid 2016
The iPod Touch has recently been updated, so it’s a safe buy if you want to go for it.

iPod Nano


Last updated: July 2015
Next update: Mid 2016
The iPod nano has also been recently updated.

iPod Shuffle


Last updated: July 2015
Next update: Mid 2016
The iPod Shuffle is a safe buy as well.



Last updated: April 2015 (first generation)
Next update: Early/Mid 2016
The MacBook is still relatively new, you should be safe with it.

MacBook Air


Last updated: March 2015
Next update: Early 2016
Airs do not look like going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s a safe bet currently.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display


15″ – Last updated: May 2015
15″ – Next update: Early/Mid 2016

13″ – Last updated: March 2015
13″ – Next update: Early/Mid 2016
The 15″ has just been updated, you should definitely go for it if you’re looking forward to getting one. Same goes for the 13″ model which is just a couple months older.

MacBook Pro 13″

Last updated: June 2012
The non-retina MacBook Pro is an extremely old computer that Apple hasn’t updated for years, and it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to receive another update as it’s the only Mac left with a built-in SuperDrive.

iMac 4K


Last updated: October 2015
Next update: October/November 2016
The iMac lineup has just been updated, alongside a new iMac 21.5″ 4K model.

iMac 27″ with Retina Display 5K


Last updated: October 2015
Next update: October/November 2016
A newer iMac 5K made its appearance recently, so it’s a safe buy.

Mac Pro


Last updated: December 2013
Next update: October/November 2015
The Mac Pro lineup is due for an update since two years already, you should hold tight if interested in it.

Mac mini


Last updated: October 2014
Next update: October/November 2015
Mac Mini is due for an update as well, even though there’s no confirmation that they’ll get updated by the end of 2016.

Apple TV


Last updated: March 2012
Next update: September 2015
Rumors have confirmed that an Apple TV is going to debut alongside the next generation of iPhones.



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