Archive | 14 April 2016

The Apple vs FBI opens up again as the latter requests again the tech giant to unlock another iPhone

The last debate regarding the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone 5C has been closed just hours before the beginning of the legal trial. The FBI had claimed to have found a way to unlock the phone even without the help of Apple through third parties. We still don’t know how it did happen, although some suggest a technique called NAND mirroring, but soon after the FBI closed the case and seemingly ended it there.
Turns out that whatever technique they used to decrypt the locked iPhone 5C is not universal for every other iPhone. After having arrested a drug dealer in New York, thus sequestrating his newer iPhone, they found out it could not be accessed at all.

As FBI has claimed, they have a way to unlock iPhones that are older than the iPhone 5 (included). Up from the 5s the security measures in place are too good to overcome (should be noted that when Apple transitioned from the 5 to 5s, the CPU architecture moved from 32 bit to 64 bit). Read More…

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