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The Facebook redesign that you will never see rolled out because some can’t handle it.

On March 2013, Facebook showed a neat redesign for its website. A less cluttered layout, bigger pictures and also better looks.

Facebook Redesign 2013

No, we aren’t going to see this anymore. Reason is that a lot of Facebook users still run old computers such as netbooks that just can’t handle it. A lot of users still run on them, having insufficient performance and small screens that won’t fit it.

An early post stated that such redesign wasn’t just good from a revenue point reason because it has been ditched. Not quite correct.

Stating to Julie Zhuo – Facebook Design Director – “These people may not be early adopters or use the same hardware we do, but the quality of their experience matters just as much.”. Many of us may have shiny new computers, pixel perfect and wide screens to have a sharp pictures. There’s something more beyond just improving the user experience only from an exterior aspect. You have to make sure they can actually use it and not gimp the browser with a too heavy payload to take care of with already low room for themselves. Read More…

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