Archive | 17 July 2013

WhatsApp Messenger is about to become a paid service for iOS, but only for new users.

Whatsapp Messenger (horizontal logo)

iPhone users always paid Whatsapp Messenger once from the App Store at 0,99$, and use it as long as you like without any additional cost in spite of Android. The app was sold free including one year of usage; after that you would have needed to pay an yearly subscription of 0,99$.

The new update, reaching version 2.10.1 doesn’t officially support in-app purchases yet, with only the addition of saving conversation on iCloud within Whatsapp > Settings > Chat Settings > chat backup.

The thing that started once again rumors about turning from paid to free, is that WhatsApp Messenger is currently sold for free on the App Store, indicating that the switch in their purchasing policy is imminent as they stated in their blog. Billing cycle is going to be identical to Android one (no more difference from iOS), with additional discounts for multi-year subscriptions. Read More…

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