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What is the Powerline (PLC) connection and how it works.


WiFi routers have a limited range. When a device gets to the edge of it or it is in a hard-to-reach position for the signal, speed goes down making browsing frustrating. Moreover, a stronger signal might be harmful like how cellular frequencies do with human ear. Though it’s not necessary to have one or multiple routers bridged between them to cover the area you want to be connected to the Web. With a Powerline system you can get access to Internet by simply using the electricity in an apartment. Read More…

Whatsapp Messenger is going to be a paid service too for iOS

Whatsapp Messenger (horizontal logo)

Do you remember those chains of messages saying “Whatsapp is going to be paid… if you don’t…”? Yes, on the iPhone Whatsapp was paid for a 0,99€ lifetime price unlike Android which as said by Whatsapp’s CEO Jan Koum that are going to pay a yearly bill in order to use it. In a interview released to german website Tweakers, Koum explained the reason.

Currently, iOS users only needed to pay once to get a unlimited service; “We’re going to extend this to the iPhone too” – Koum explained – “Although this will affect only new users of the app; the older ones are safe from this update”. Read More…

Google Reader is shutting down the first of July; “usage of Google Reader has declined”

Google Reader

The news feed aggregator by Mountain View is shutting down the first of July. In the years it had an extremely big success thanks to the versatility and the number of clients available for every platform out there. Launched quite on late considering the advent of RSS, Reader got a loyal base to stand on. On the other side, usage decreased having not as much users as before.

There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience. Read More…

The new one column, Facebook Timeline is here; how to get it as soon as possible

The Facebook Timeline made upset many users after it replaced the old but gold Wall. With a new event, Zuckerberg presented the new Timeline, which features a complete restyle of how we know Facebook.

Schermata 2013-03-10 alle 20.15.35 Read More…

Twitter kills TweetDeck applications; the retiring will start in May

TweetDeck wasn’t property of Twitter at first. It started as a paid service ending up to be acquired by Twitter, which made it free for everyone. The column-based experience was a great hit, but starting from May, TweetDeck will disappear from the mobile devices scene.

The only way we will be able to use it is from the web version. The trend showed that TweetDeck is most likely used on computers, while when users are on mobile they stick with the most popular official Twitter app, which introduced Instagram-like features for postings pictures in seconds. Focusing on a single platform will help to invest effort to provide an unique experience.  Read More…

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