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How to play retro games like Tetris and Pong using your Mac’s Terminal

Did you ever know that the Mac has a hidden folder with Terminal-compatible versions of most of the retro games? Tetris, Pong, Snake and others are all there waiting to be played once more in 21st Century. Using some commands from the Terminal you will be able to play them endlessly without the fear of killing the battery life.

To start, open the Terminal in Applications > Utilities folder or search it using Spotlight. Type thenĀ emacs in the Terminal window; you will see appearing long lines of words about this command. Hit ESC on the keyboard and you will get a screen like this;

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Real Racing 3 is coming out on 28th February in a free-to-play formula

While Real Racing 3 is already available on three App Stores worldwide, it hasn’t been released yet on many others. The latest installment of the Real Racing series started by Firemint is totally different from the first two, because it’s going to be free to play.

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A Playstation 4 is coming, featuring deeper social integration and a touch-capable controller

Playstation 4 developers

What you see above, are the confirmed developers as of now which will create brand-new titles for the upcoming PS4. The new Xbox is on the line, and PS3 gamers feared until yesterday, where at 2013 international Meeting Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the Playstation 4 is coming. Yes it exist, even if no one saw it.

The new console will be heavily focused on social features, with a totally redesigned controller named Dualshock 4. It features for the first time a touchpad and a share button to take instant screenshots of what’s happening on the screen. It may not be the final model, but it gives an overall idea of its definitive looks. Most important thing, it features a Share button which can take immediate screenshots from the screen or register what’s happening; this means no need for external harness about video capture things.

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How to download every page of Wikipedia on your computer and read them offline

Wikipedia is student’s best friend. With millions of pages full of knowledge, it’s the fifth most visited website around the globe seen by a half billion people. But what if you can take every page of Wikipedia, and download it on your computer, ready to be seen whenever you like? A project called Kiwix, supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, allows you to download every, single page stored on Wikipedia’s servers. Read More…

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