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How to enable the root user on OS X; what is it and when you should use it

OS X is a UNIX-based system which needs a password in order to work properly. You may want to don’t type it when the Mac starts up, but it’s necessary when it comes to administration tools and installing new software from .pkg files. Some actions though requires an even higher level of privileges, which even the standard Administrator account don’t have; they are allowed only to the root user, also called superuser. In this tutorial we’re going to see how to enable it and if you should activate it on your system.

1. First, open your System Preferences, and go to Users & Groups. Unlock the panel from the lock icon at the bottom left by typing an Administrator name and password. Then, click on the “Login options” button and select “Join…” from Network Account Server. A popup window should appear and select “Open Directory Utility…”.

Enable the root user on OS X (1)

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