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Napkin is the ultimate app for communicating visually on a Mac

The most known software on the Mac for quick editing images, is the “stock” Preview app. Everything that you need to do for applying last-second effects are Napkin logo
summarized in a little bar. Although Preview is not enough when you really want to highlight something or to communicate visually using shapes and drawings. If this was your question when you stumbled upon here, then look no further than Napkin, a newly released application on the Mac App Store, which is really simple to use and yet remarkably powerful developed by Aged & Distilled.

Napkin opens up with a blank canvas and a full sized toolbar, which includes all the commands you are going to use. Right, everything is there, but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of Napkin. At your first launch, there are some quick tips and video tutorials to help you get started.

The greatest feature of Napkin is that the mouse is like a pencil. If you want to draw a circle, simply (try) to do one and Napkin will automatically create one based on the dimensions you gave to it. Same thing happens for lines and strokes, which are drawn instantly on the canvas. The toolbar provides quick access to the most common functions you’re going to use. Start adding text, images and edit them later. If you encounter some trouble, Napkin provides a quick help showed as a small “?” icon, just in case you need to remember something.

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If you already think that Napkin is fantastic, then you still have to see one more thing, called Call-Out. Call-Outs allows you to zoom a certain part of an element on the canvas. Just drag and drop the icon inside the Call-out on any element, and Napkin will automatically highlight it.

Going to the right side of the toobar, we have our common commands for the overall layout; group them, send them backwards or onwards and lock them to prevent accidental movements. Then we find the Mountain Lion’s Sharing Sheets and the .png pip, which you can drag and drop anywhere to create immediately a file of your work without the need of saving in somewhere.

Napkin is available on the Mac App Store for 40$ (36,99€). Price might look high for you, but this is definitely the best, most simple to use yet ultimate app to communicate visually your thoughts and ideas to the world within minutes.

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