How to stop a download from the Mac App Store

So, you want to stop a heavy download, but you don’t know how to do it. In fact, in the Purchased section of the Mac App Store, you can only pause it for a while, but not delete it permanently (although you can download it in a second time with no additional costs). Se here’s a short tutorial about how to stop one.

First of all, go to the Purchased section and find the interested app. Next to it there should be a bar like this one, with the pause button:

Mac App Store download

To stop it, press and hold the Alt key on the keyboard, and then click the Stop button.

Another way to do it is from the launchpad, which is a bit more easier. Once the app is download, it will appear in the launchpad alongside with the other ones. Like before, press and hold the Alt key, click the “X” on the top left of the icon and delete it.Stop a download from the Mac App Store

Simple? 😉

In Italiano

La versione in italiano è disponibile a questo link.

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