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Now you can gift iTunes Card using your Apple ID

If you don’t like to connect your credit card to your Apple ID, I completely understand. I prefer using iTunes Cards instead, you know, those thin and yet great pieces of plastic hiding a number. They avoid “problems” like billing or even worse hacking (even worse from hacking).

Now luckily, just in time for Christmas, you can send iTunes Card to another Apple ID as a gift using the App Store on iOS devices. Just scroll down until you see the Send Gift button at the bottom left:

  • Set the amount of credit you want to gift, provide the other Apple ID email address and enter an optional message.
  • Send it by paying with your credit card. Note that you must provide a payment information in order to process it.

The credit will be received with all the needed steps to redeem it.

Sounds like a great idea if you don’t know what you can give as a present.


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