Archive | 8 December 2012

What you should know about iTunes 11

iTunes 11 was launched just a few days ago, bringing a complete restyle in every part of the app. First of all, the left sidebar has disappeared, totally. Now it’s fully replaced by a drop-down menu showing our library. You can even use some abbreviations to browse trough them (in order, from Cmd+1 to Cmd+7). Every view has been completely re-built, especially the Album one.

The iTunes Store is accessible from a single button, and has been redesigned from the ground-up, more conform to the look we have on iOS 6 devices. Now there is also a button which shows the last previews of songs for a later access.

iTunes 11 (iTunes Store)

Now devices appears on the top bar, and changed completely the way we sync them, with a brand new user interface. Read More…

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