iDraw, a perfect substitute to Illustrator for Mac and iPad

Illustrator is The application for vector graphics. Though we are not going to talk about it, because we are going to speak about iDraw, an extremely powerful application for creating vector graphics available for both Mac and iPad. Let’s start with the first one.

The UI is oriented to a grey color, with the toolbar on the right, layers and attributes on the right. Finally at the top we have a tab with all the currently opened files. All the commands are extremely intuitive, and the application itself is stable and works fluidly even when you have a high zoom.

Projects, Tools and more

iDraw supports the integration with iCloud, making the sharing with iPad fast and convenient. Plus files are perfectly readable on both, so what you do on a devices it will be the same on the other one. Layers can blended, adding some effects when overlapping multiple ones, there’s also the opacity control as well. Tools instead are very intuitive to use, allowing to create complex projects within minutes. Then we have Properties, Appearance, Shape Library and Styles. The Properties manages shape and dimension of an object, as well as the alignment on the canvas. Appearance instead edits the overall aspect, such as color, brushes, text. Styles can be applied to shapes in order to give them a particular property. For instance, you can apply to a line the the Style which measures the length of it based on the document dimensions. Finally we have Shape Library. These are pre-made shapes which can be used by a drag and drop without the need to create them on your own. The default ones are Floorplans shapes, iPhone UI (yes, and they’re a lot), numbers and general Symbols.

Other welcome features are the Share option and export to extensions PDF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF if you need one different from the .idraw one.

The iPad works the same way, the only difference is that you create using the touch.

On the right we have the same tools as the Mac version. As you see nothing changed in the document, and the UI is similar to the one above, along with the same power. Obviously you have to learn a bit of it, but it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

iDraw can be downloaded from the Mac App Store from the following link, or from the iOS App Store here. Believe me, don’t look further.

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