iTunes 11 is coming at the end of November

As Apple said on the 24th October event, iTunes 11 should have been available to customers at the end of the month. There was a yellow ribbon on the iTunes page of Apple’s website showing “coming on October”. Though, it won’t be available still for some days. As they sad, iTunes 11 is taking a lot of work and they want to make it perfect. But what’s new in iTunes 11? Let’s find out.


iTunes 11 is totally different than the previous version. The left sidebar has disappeared, replaced by a button which allows to switch between library, devices and more. Beyond the look, iTunes 11 changed the way we look into the library. Now instead of a long and boring list of songs, we can select a sleek album view and then see which songs are inside. Not to mention the small mini player when we reduce the window.


The iTunes Store has been totally renewed making it a lot more similar to the one on the iOS 6 devices. Plus it features a list of the recent previewed songs on the Store for a later access.


Now we just have to wait until iTunes 11 will be released! Note that even if the iPad mini requires it in order to work properly, it can be synced also with the actual version.

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