How to use Google Search more efficiently!

Google is the most visited website at the world. Though it can go beyond the simple word query. There are some little tricks to make the search more accurate and relevant, by filtering it just by typing some more text. Here are all of them:

Exact words

“here goes the text”

If you want Google to search result which must have a word or more, the write these ones between ” ” and you’ll se all the result with these words.

One of these words

Mac OR iOS OR Android

Just ignore the example… Between the query write OR (in capital) to search for one of the words. This means that as result I will get websites which presents only one of them, so if you find the word iOS, you will never find “Mac” written on the same page.

No one of these words


To let Google know to not search for some words, the put a “-” right before typing to ignore all the searches. For example, if i search for and I don’t want to get result from, I simply write “”. In the example I “sad” to Google that I don’t want any result including the PC word.

All of the pages including these numbers


This is simple. Putting two periods between two numbers, 34 and 39, limit the results to all of the webpages which has 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 numbers in them.

From a specific website

To limit the result query to a website, write site: and then the URL. You will get results only from that source.

Note that all of these can be combined each other, so let’s start searching! 😉


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