Apple’s EarPods, the full review

As you may know, iPhone 5 features a whole new type of earphones, the so called EarPods. Unlike the precedent version, these are shaped following the human ear geometry, making them fit perfectly when you listen to music (or why not, films!). In these weeks I’ve constantly used them in different context, and here’s what I “heard”.

Sound quality and comfort

The sound quality is simply breathtaking, that’s why you shouldn’t turn up the volume to the max, because they are extremely powerful. Plus, along with a very good comfort, Earpods provides high decibel of sounds without losing quality. Though you may experience some noise if the music’s volume is too high, but that’s not a so big problem. Then I tried with action films like The Avengers, and the experience was fantastic: I couldn’t hear anything else that the FX. Going back to the comfort, unlike the others the EarPods aren’t just resting on the ear. This means that it’s a bit harder that the earphones fall while listening.

Playing with the EQ

Going down into the details, Earpods have three different microphones; one small on the back, a bigger one on the side, and another one on the front. These provides an immersive experience, but what about using the iTunes EQ? The best result I had was the bass amplification. Before I sad that a too high volume produces a bit of noise, but this can be cancelled playing with the best thing about EarPods, the bass. When I first tried them, I was stunned how I heard the music, especially when it comes to bass. I controlled the EQ, but it was switched off. When I activated it, I thought to be listening under the water. Another cool EQ set is the Acoustic one, try them off and take a look at how the audio changes.

Comparing them

I actually tried more expensive earphones and headphones from Bose. The sound is almost there for the EarPods, but for 29,00€ (and 29,00$) it’s a great deal. The sound canceling is good, but you get the best result when the audio is really turned to the high. Finally, a really good product for semi-occasionally music listeners and not!


In Italiano

L’iPhone 5 ha introdotto un nuovo modello di cuffie, le EarPods. A differenza delle versioni precedenti, sono disegnate in base alla geometria dell’orecchio umano, garantendo una qualità sonora ottima e un comfort senza precedenti.

La qualità del suono è semplicemente incredibile, motivo per cui non dovete mettere al massimo il volume. Tuttavia, se spinte a livelli veramente alti, possono dare origini a qualche rumore dovuto all’eccessivo carico. Provata anche su film come I Vendicatori con risultati eccellenti; non si riesce a sentire nulla al di fuori degli effetti speciali.

Il punto forte delle EarPods sono senza dubbio i bassi, che risaltano in una maniera ottima. Tuttavia, danno il massimo usando l’EQ di iTunes impostato su Amplificazione bassi, che da l’idea di essere sott’acqua. Un altro risultato ottimo lo si ottiene con Acustica, ma volendo si possono aggiustare i livelli finché non si trova quello desiderato.

Per finire ho messo a confronto le EarPods con cuffie ben più costose della Bose. Il suono delle EarPods si avvicina, ma per soli 29.00€ il risultato ottenuto è semplicemente ottimo. La cancellazione del suono fa il suo dovere, ma i risultati migliori si ottengono mano a mano che il volume viene aumentato. In cconclusione, un ottimo prodotto per gli ascoltatori semi-occasionali di musica e non!


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