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Tweetbot for Mac, the new Twitter client from Tapbots

There are a lot of Twitter clients available for the Mac, and two of them are official. Though a really great of these ones is Tweetbot, which on my side deserves a special review. Unlike many other clients, going beyond the features, it has a unique style. try to have a look yourself:

Tweetbot (on the left) and Twitter official (on the right).

See? I think that Tweetbot is really well-designed and curated in every particular. Plus it features tweets drafts if you don’t want to publish it yet. Going down into the details Tweetbot can work easily with columns and windows. This means that if you want to see the timeline and don’t want to miss that awesome link, just right-click on the timeline icon and you’re there. If you already used TweetDeck, you know what I’m talking about. To close a column, just drag anywhere you like from the bottom and then close it, something that Twitter can’t do.

Another useful feature is the mute. You can easily block users, hashtags and keywords and then have all synced trough iCloud.

Speaking about integration, Tweetbot is completely compatible with the Retina Display and the Notification Center, to stay always up to date with the latest from Twitter. Not to mention that you can add as many accounts as you want and switch between them with a few clicks.

Along with its incredible and relaxing interface, Tweetbot is well-packed speaking of sounds. All of them are simple and never annoying, alongside with the extremely curated UI.

One last thing may be the price, but look no further, because this client really deserves them, you won’t get back!

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Why Apple raised all the iOS App Store and Mac App Store prices

Some days ago, the smallest price for an application on the App Store was 0,79€. Right now, it has scaled up to 0,89€, but why this move? It’s related to the currency itself and the actual change between dollars and euros. Actually, also in Mexican and Danish Stores the prices raised up. This affected every price point for any kind of applications, from the Mac to the iPhone and iPad. Let’s view the 10 most common prices for an app.

The 10 most common prices compared with total revenue for developers.

As you can see, the price slowly increment as you increment them. Mathematically talking, they are directly proportional. On the Mac App Store the situation is worse for customers. To give you an example, Final Cut Pro X was priced at 239,99€, right now it costs 269,99€, 30€ more, nothing less. However it doesn’t stop here. If you compare the same apps to the ones available on Google Play (the old Android Market), you will note that now the App Store is slightly costlier.

As a first answer, you may say “Well, it’s because the € has a smaller exchange rate right now”. If we go beyond that, why others left the prices as before?

In Italiano

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Google Nexus 4 found in a bar in San Francisco

This is not a so new story. The first time happened with the iPhone 4, and then the past year with the iPhone 4S. This time though it’s not about Apple, because the lost device was the new Google Nexus 4, which should have been presented in New York today if it wasn’t for the Hurricane Sandy, currently approaching to the East Coast, along with the Nexus 7 and 10.

The device was found in San Francisco by a a bartender, with no SIM in it and PIN locked. Though it had a Google logo on the back and a sticker saying “not for sale” (to avoid some strange ideas). When the device was identified, Google immediately activated a really intelligence to get the phone back, lost by an employee. When Google tried to get it back, offered the bartender a free phone to avoid leaking of information. Surprisingly he refused the offer, spreading the word around.

Now the question is, why three prototypes always get lost in a bar? It seems more like a trend than a simple human error. By the way, when a technology-oriented blog bought it there was a huge sequel of rumors and photos spreaded across the web, expanding the “bubble” around the new-old iPhone 4. In this case we already knew that the Nexus 4 was going to be presented, but this sounds too familiar. Almost forgot, the Nexus 7, also got spotted in an Office Depot in the last hours.

Sources | Wired, The Next Web, Gizmodo

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How to use Google Search more efficiently!

Google is the most visited website at the world. Though it can go beyond the simple word query. There are some little tricks to make the search more accurate and relevant, by filtering it just by typing some more text. Here are all of them:

Exact words

“here goes the text”

If you want Google to search result which must have a word or more, the write these ones between ” ” and you’ll se all the result with these words.

One of these words

Mac OR iOS OR Android

Just ignore the example… Between the query write OR (in capital) to search for one of the words. This means that as result I will get websites which presents only one of them, so if you find the word iOS, you will never find “Mac” written on the same page.

No one of these words


To let Google know to not search for some words, the put a “-” right before typing to ignore all the searches. For example, if i search for and I don’t want to get result from, I simply write “”. In the example I “sad” to Google that I don’t want any result including the PC word.

All of the pages including these numbers


This is simple. Putting two periods between two numbers, 34 and 39, limit the results to all of the webpages which has 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 numbers in them.

From a specific website

To limit the result query to a website, write site: and then the URL. You will get results only from that source.

Note that all of these can be combined each other, so let’s start searching! 😉


Apple’s EarPods, the full review

As you may know, iPhone 5 features a whole new type of earphones, the so called EarPods. Unlike the precedent version, these are shaped following the human ear geometry, making them fit perfectly when you listen to music (or why not, films!). In these weeks I’ve constantly used them in different context, and here’s what I “heard”.

Sound quality and comfort

The sound quality is simply breathtaking, that’s why you shouldn’t turn up the volume to the max, because they are extremely powerful. Plus, along with a very good comfort, Earpods provides high decibel of sounds without losing quality. Though you may experience some noise if the music’s volume is too high, but that’s not a so big problem. Then I tried with action films like The Avengers, and the experience was fantastic: I couldn’t hear anything else that the FX. Going back to the comfort, unlike the others the EarPods aren’t just resting on the ear. This means that it’s a bit harder that the earphones fall while listening.

Playing with the EQ

Going down into the details, Earpods have three different microphones; one small on the back, a bigger one on the side, and another one on the front. These provides an immersive experience, but what about using the iTunes EQ? The best result I had was the bass amplification. Before I sad that a too high volume produces a bit of noise, but this can be cancelled playing with the best thing about EarPods, the bass. When I first tried them, I was stunned how I heard the music, especially when it comes to bass. I controlled the EQ, but it was switched off. When I activated it, I thought to be listening under the water. Another cool EQ set is the Acoustic one, try them off and take a look at how the audio changes.

Comparing them

I actually tried more expensive earphones and headphones from Bose. The sound is almost there for the EarPods, but for 29,00€ (and 29,00$) it’s a great deal. The sound canceling is good, but you get the best result when the audio is really turned to the high. Finally, a really good product for semi-occasionally music listeners and not!


In Italiano

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