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The Leap, a totally new way to control your computer

What to we use to control the computer? Mouse or trackpad of course, but have you ever wondered how you can control it without these? If the answer is yes, the you have to see The Leap, an innovative computer “device” that allows you to control your computer with just your fingers. It’s more easy to use than a mouse, more responsive than a trackpad and, guess what, even faster than a touchpad.

The video shows everything. With just your hands you can do whatever you want on you computer. Right now it has support for OS X and Windows 8 (no, Windows 7 is not included) while Linux is on the way. It will be available for everyone on February 2013, but if you preorder now you might be able to get one of these this winter for just 70$.

Don’t know about you, but I’m gonna get it! 🙂

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