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Lock localization settings on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Lock localization settings… why should I do that? Well, most of you have Find my iPhone on their devices, but if you don’t have a lock screen password, Find my iPhone can be disabled, without the need of your Apple ID’s password. This can be done simply by going to the Preferences > Localization > Find my iPhone and then switching it off. Sounds weird isn’t it? To be sure that Find my iPhone is always activated, you have to manage the so called Restrictions.

Restrictions are settings that disallow some actions on the device, like deleting an application, purchasing content from the App Store or even use Siri.

To enable Restrictions, go to Settings > General > Restrictions. Then you will be prompted to enter a 4-digits password.

Now go to “Allow changes: Location”.

If you wonder what is that grey lock, it’s because this restrictions has already been activated on my iPhone.

Now tap on “Don’t allow changes”. So that’s it, now all of the location services are locked and cannot be modified! (Unless you want to change them in the Restrictions menu).

Important Note: Don’t lose your PIN, because it cannot be recovered!

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iPhone 5: more than two millions preorders in 24 hours

The iPhone 5 was a huge hit: more than two millions of preorders got registered in the first 24 hours. This number is even more than the initial furniture and many of the devices will not be shipped for the launch date.

Preorders of the iPhone 5 have smashed the last record held by the iPhone 4S, with “just” one million during the first 24h of preorders.

The iPhone 5 will be launched on September 21 in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan in Apple Stores starting from 8 AM, while in other countries it’ll be available exactly one week later.

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