Google Art Project, an entire artwork collection on the Web

I never liked so much Art or drawing on a white piece of paper. Maybe because I think it’s a bit boring, or maybe because I can’t do anything with a pencil. Though I found the Google Art Project quite interesting to see and to have a look to all the available paintings from the most notorious (and not) museums, without the need to leave my chair. It presents itself with a dark layout, which helps to concentrate and relax on my side:

At first you get a random painting from the thousands which are available in an extremely high resolution (you can zoom in if you want).

At the top we have the StreetView icon which allows you to browse trough museums and see what it hosts, like the MoMA, the Smithsonian and so on. Then we have the Artist and Artworks; this one shows all of the paintings available in Google Art Project (that’s 32.757!) and can be filtered by artist or Collection (nothing more than less-famous museums). At last we have User Galleries, where we can see others Galleries which were made public and available to everyone. It’s a good place to start if you’re new to this kind of arguments. Not to mention that you can create them when you browse the artworks on your own in order to save them, just by having a Google Account. Let’s have a look; I created one for the occasion (so don’t laugh because there are only three… in the future it will expand).

Then if you want to know something more about it just click the name and then “Details” at the top left. You will get information such as the style, short description, photos, videos, maps and links all in one place.

See? Really fast and convenient, especially if you’re tired to use Wikipedia for your homework (students will understand).

Google Art Project is available as a Chrome application in the Web Store, or it can be visited using the following URL. Whether you are a true artist or a crappy one, try and have a look.

Coming, a tutorial for how to use Google Art Project at its best if you are a student! πŸ™‚


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