iPhone 5: everything you need to know about the new Apple’s device

A few hours ago Apple revealed the new iPhone 5, probably one of the most rumored ones. So let’s get started.

Physical specs

Speaking of dimension, the iPhone 5 is only taller, but not wider: this means that when you hold it on your hand, it will feel like a normal iPhone, just slightly bigger; in fact the display resolution is 1136×640 pixels, with the same ppi.

Tech specs


It features a 16:9 4″ Retina Display on only 112g of weight, and 18% lighter than the previous generation because now the touch screen sensor is built-in in the display.

Speed and processor

It rocks an Apple designed A6 chip dual-core, quad-core GPUwhich is 2x times faster and powerful than before


LTE technology was finally introduced with support for EU and Asian frequency, which delivers an amazing download speed. 3G is still available for all worldwide carriers with HSPA+, DC-HSDPA support and dual-channel 5GHz Wi-Fi aka 802.11N with a maximum download speed of 150Mpbs.


The front facing camera is now 720p of resolution for FaceTime video calls, an 8MP camera (the same on the 4S) with 1080p recording and Panorama feature. This is available only on the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 and combines multiple shots in a single wide photo with a maximum of 240° view. The face recognisation and video stabilizations also got improved thanks to the new A6 chip.


The iPhone 5 now has three microphones: on the bottom, on the top and on the back near the camera making calls more clear. The speakers instead now have 5 transducers, which delivers a richer and cleaner sound. Headphones are now called “EarPods” which fits almost perfectly on any ear, providing an immersive audio experience.


The iPhone 5 no longer uses the 30 pin connector, but a smaller 8 pin one, which is also reversible (this means that can be plugged in in both ways). Old connectors can still be used, but you need the adapter.

Battery Life

It is slightly better than before, with 8h of 3G and 10h on Wi-Fi and 225h in standby, 40h of music playback and 10h of video playing.


iPhone 5 will be rocking iOS 6 out of the box, which will be available for download 19th september, so next week.



In USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore the iPhone 5 will be available on September 21, while on other countries one week later.

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