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Nokia faked its PureView video of the new Lumia 920

Yesterday Nokia presented the new Lumia 920. Among with all the new features, there was one called “PureView”, a technology that stabilizes video recordings making them stunning. But looking at the launch video (which is now unlistened in YouTube), there’s something strange. Try to find it what it is:

Didn’t find it? Ok, go to 0:27, or just look here:


Yes, it’s fake. This video was recorded with another camera, not with a Lumia 920. Though, the video below was played during the Lumia 920’s presentation, which shows the REAL capabilities of the smartphone’s camera.

About this, Nokia said that:

“To be fair, the video was a demonstration of optical image stabilization, not PureView”
-Doug Dawson, Vice President of Media Relations, Nokia

But why put the “PureView” word in the video’s name when it was actually made with an external camera?

Source | Gizmodo

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